Associated Press Terminates Melanie Plenda, Leftist Activist Hired to Sneak into KellyAnne Conway Event

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The_Donald Reddit Community Removed in Protest - The_Donald subreddit, a pro-Trump community with 400,000 members, has been removed from Reddit by the moderators of the board.
No collusion It’s Official: No Collusion Between Trump and Russia - There is exactly zero evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians, and there never will be. Donald Trump did not "collude" with the Russians - this narrative is and was completely made by an insidious and sore bunch of Democrat losers. Hillary lost folks. Donald Trump won. It's time for us to move on and accept reality.
Why Did Smart People Vote for Donald Trump? - It's an important question for intellectually curious liberals to ask, but why did so many smart, rich, successful people vote for Donald Trump? The prevailing coastal liberal delusion is that only poor, stupid people voted for Donald Trump, and ironically against their own interests. However, as it turns out, this is a complete and utter fabrication created by sad, defeated leftists.
Susan Rice Unmasked Michael Flynn - Unquestionably the biggest political story since Watergate, it has been revealed that Obama appointee Susan Rice was directly responsible for unmasking Michael Flynn. In no uncertain terms, this is a criminal act committed by a White House staff member for purely political reasons, and possibly even at the request of former president Barack Obama. This is a big deal.
20 Reasons Why I Left The Left - Twenty reasons why I left the left over a decade ago.
A Letter to Milo Yiannopoulos: Thank You - Who would have thought - in 2017 - Americans would need a British man to remind us why America is so great. I don't say this in jest - I'm 100% serious. No one else, not a single citizen of this country, has taken the risks you've taken to call attention to our present day free speech problem. You've made it your personal mission to remind every American - every person of every race, religion, [...]
The Truth About Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer - You've been lied to. The mainstream "fake news" media has labeled each of these individuals as nazis, nationalistic, white supremacist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and of course, racist. The truth is, only Richard Spencer would classify as any of the above. Miller, Bannon and Yiannopoulos are none of these. I'll define each of them as briefly as possible below:
Ben Swann Is Alive and Well - For those of you who have been following the curious case of Ben Swann, he's been located - and he appears to be alive and well. Ben Swann is famous for reporting on the Pizzagate story while serving as a news anchor for CBS 46 in Atlanta. However, his social media accounts were taken down in one fell swoop last week, leaving many to speculate about his death or "silencing."
Calling Milo a White Nationalist or White Supremacist Is Fake News - Ever since Milo Yiannopoulos's UC Berkeley event was cancelled amid violent riots, mainstream media outlets have referred to him as a "white nationalist" or a "white supremacist." Other, more legitimate publications have since retracted the statement, but some have not.
A Real Feminist – Support Our Troops - Just a picture of a real feminist. Share if you support our troops.
Support Antifa’s Anti-Milo Riot? Surprise! You’re a Fascist - Do you support Antifa? If you do, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you're a full blown fascist. For those who don't know, Antifa is short for anti-fascist, and members purport to oppose fascism in all its forms. Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right, KKK - these folks are attacked, often violently, and without abandon by the Antifa. Now I can't say I'm against opposition to the KKK or neo-Nazis, but the line is crossed when Antifa [...]
Hillary Voters: Seven Ways to Cope With Her Loss, and Succeed in Donald Trump’s America - Are you a disgruntled Hillary Clinton voter? Are you convinced the end of the world is coming, and Donald Trump is the Russian spawn of Satan and Hitler?
Why I’m Profoundly Disappointed in America - I'm profoundly disappointed in America. I know this will upset some folks, but the truth is, the vast majority of Americans are racist and stupid. Unfortunately, with a population that's 70 percent white, the rest of us are bound to their voting preferences. I don't want to imagine what percentage consists of racist, stupid southerners, but I'm afraid the number is much larger than we all feared.
Trump Protester: ‘People Have to Die for This’ - Since we've been exceedingly accurate with our predictions so far we will make a few more here. The election of Donald Trump has incited protests all over the nation. With it, we take one more step towards total economic collapse, and eventually a fascist military state. The irony is, Donald Trump isn't Hitler, his voters aren't the Nazis, and liberals aren't the Jews. Donald Trump is just another step towards a fascist military state, but [...]
Trump Wins! - In a truly stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has secured the electoral votes needed to be our next President. In perhaps the greatest upset in modern political history, Donald Trump won by securing votes from millions of disaffected Americans all over the country. Defying literally every odd imaginable, the pollsters were wrong, the media was wrong, Nate Silver was wrong (again), and the entire country (or most of it) was wrong. It's probably [...]
One More Time – Get Out and Vote! - Update: We did it! Donald Trump is the President Elect! Linking back to this great article on Election Day 2016: If You Tell Me You Are Supporting Hillary, I Already Know Seven Things About You
Tim Kaine Offered VP Job in Exchange for Rigging Election? - The word is out. The latest Wikileaks emails reveal that Hillary selected Tim Kaine as her Vice President long before the primaries even began. Proof here. With this, a picture begins to unfold. Did Hillary Clinton's disgraced 2008 campaign co-chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz take over for Tim Kaine in exchange for a VP slot? Tim Kaine stepped down as the chair of the DNC and Obama named Wasserman as his replacement in 2011. The facts are starting to [...]
New Watchdog Group Monitors Media for Bias and Inaccuracy - Finally, in conjunction with our publication, a watchdog group known as EavesWatch has been formed to monitor the media for bias and inaccuracy. With all of the media corruption that has been exposed by WikiLeaks in recent days and weeks, a group like this is desperately needed. It's sad to see once reputable publications like the New York Times degrade into basically another mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. With increased competition from highly biased online [...]
Did a Federal Judge Help Hillary Hide Her Documents and Then Cover it Up? - This is getting messy, but let's go down the rabbit hole for a second. It started with a WikiLeaks email posted late last night which you can see right here: Initially, the email seems innocuous enough. Richard Leon is a federal judge and a documented close friend and colleague of John Podesta's. They go way, way back. Read here, second caption for proof of their close relationship. The email is a response to a forwarded message simply titled, "Thank you." In [...]
Trump Crushes Hillary in Second Debate - Other than a few liberal media holdouts, it's nearly unanimous, Donald Trump annihilated Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate. He started the evening with his tail between his legs over the video scandal, and he had to debate two biased moderators as well, yet somehow Trump was still able to deliver a crushing blow to Hillary Clinton. The reason why is obvious. Trump had his swagger and his confidence, and more importantly, he had [...]
Video of Bill Clinton Groping Young Girl Uncovered - While the media is in a frenzy over Donald Trump saying inappropriate things about women, a new video was uncovered which shows former president Bill Clinton actually physically groping a young aid while aboard a flight. In the video we clearly see the former President place his arm in between the young woman's legs, and then rub his hand up and down before quickly removing it. It appears the President was at least initially unaware [...]
Hillary Conspired With Press to Nominate Trump - A bombshell - the conspiracy theories were true after all: WikiLeaks documents released today proove Hillary Clinton's campaign conspired with the DNC and the mainstream media to nominate Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. Source here. The documents show the Clinton campaign saw Trump as a "Pied Piper candidate," someone who could win the support of the electorate, but who would ultimately destroy the Republican Party in the process. The trick is, Hillary expected [...]
Keep Your Eye on the Prize - I love this county, and honestly I want Trump to be great. If he wins, he will be great. I'm voting for Trump in November because a vote for anyone else is a vote for Hillary, and she is a corrupt, scandal ridden, big government corporatist. I take gross language over dangerous policy any day of the week. I'm voting for you. Become presidential, be proper and be respectful. Be like Reagan, or JFK, and [...]
Huffington Post Columnist to Podesta: ‘Humiliatingly Inadequate and Inept Response to ISIS’ - In the new WikiLeaks emails released today, a chummy relationship between liberal media operatives and Hillary campaign officials / the Obama administration continues to raise questions. Brent Budowsky, liberal columnist from the uber liberal Huffington Post, apparently attempts to direct foreign policy decisions through a direct line of communication with Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta. Brent seems oddly chummy with Podesta, and even contacts him from what appears to be his personal email address, and [...]
If You Tell Me You Supported Hillary, I Already Know Seven Things About You - UPDATE: THIS ARTICLE IS IMPORTANT TO READ ESPECIALLY AFTER TRUMP'S VICTORY, PLEASE SHARE This article is being posted in response to a similar Daily Kos piece I read prior to the election attacking Donald Trump's supporters. Considering the author thinks Donald Trump's supporters are all racist, classless, misogynist, unethical, un-American and un-Christian, I'll reserve the childish bigotry and pure hatred for those lesser publications. Since Trump's election, we've heard the masses of liberals call Trump supporters these terms time and time [...]
Is Hillary Clinton Planning to Murder Julian Assange After Bombshell Announcement Tonight? - It's in the news. Tonight at 3am ET (otherwise known as tomorrow morning), Julian Assange will be releasing a litany of damning evidence against Hillary Clinton - potentially destroying her campaign in the process. Earlier in the year, Assange was responsible for releasing the emails which devastated the DNC, and led to the ouster of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Hillary's impending implosion as a viable candidate should come as no surprise. Anyone as corrupt as her eventually [...]
Should Bigotry Be Illegal? - With Donald Trump rallying the racists of the country from their slumber, maybe its time we started having some real talk.
What If Only Taxpayers (or White People) Could Vote? - This might be the most disturbing electoral map ever created - even though it's been skewed from a map of white voters. To envision so few people might vote Democrat if only taxpayers could vote is enlightening to say the least. This map originates from a liberal CNN-data fueled BuzzFeed article some time ago covering a multitude of antiquated and restrictive voting scenarios. In this scenario, both men and women can vote, but an effective poll tax is added back [...]
The Economy is About to Collapse - The economy is about to collapse, and it's all your fault.
Huge U.S. Extremist Group Potentially Wants Mass Genocide and Brutal Oppression Against Women, Jews, and LGBT Members - Not forgetting the millions and millions of peaceful Muslims who live in this country, the extremist group we're talking about constitutes over half of the U.S. Muslim population. This label does a massive disservice to those peaceful Muslims living in the U.S. and all around the world. We need a legitimate poll which refutes this data.
Me if Hillary Gets Elected and 10 Reasons Why She’s Bad for America - 10 reasons why Hillary will destroy America.
Transgender YouTube Star Receives Death Threats for Being Libertarian - Rising transgender YouTube star and vicenarian Blaire White has received death threats for coming out. As a center-right "libertarian" that is. In a post yesterday on her Facebook page, Blaire White said coming out as transgender was easy, but coming out as someone with center-right beliefs has made her life miserable. She explains, "Coming out as transgender was easy and I was met with only positivity from family and friends. Starting my You[T]ube channel and 'coming out' [...]
Trump Tops Clinton in New Polling Average - Trump is beating Clinton in the latest polling averages.
Is Hillary Clinton a Serial Murderer? - House of Cards. A television show about a politician, Frank Underwood, and his wife, Claire Underwood - chronicling their rise through the ranks of political power. Frank's machinations lead to his ascendancy into the Oval Office. However, Claire isn't far behind. She connives her way into a VP ticket, with ultimate aspirations of serving as president herself after Frank is washed-up. Both characters are fundamentally flawed, allegedly mentally, verbally and sexually abusive to each other [...]
“Modern” Feminism is Cancer - This message is for our male readers. It's 2016. A feminist today isn't the same as a feminist from 1960. Let's call today's feminists "modern" feminists. Feminists today have significantly overshot their goal for equality - as a result, straight white men are officially oppressed. Very oppressed. Western white women today are the most privileged class in the history of mankind. Straight white men today are the newly oppressed class - the types of oppressed [...]
Hillary Clinton Indicted - This is how it would all go down if the judicial system wasn't corrupt: In July 2016, shortly before securing the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton is working hard to earn the votes of angry, disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters. Unfortunately for her, she's indicted before her message has a chance to resonate. Fox News is the first to report, with all other media outlets picking up the story immediately thereafter. Hillary's indictment comes at perhaps the [...]
Imagining a President Donald Trump - Update: This is coming true... Donald won. This article was written back in May. It's 11:55am EST on Friday, January 20th, 2017, and Donald John Trump is being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. After a bitter rivalry with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump won the 2016 election in a landslide. Many blamed Hillary's use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State, others blamed her failure in Benghazi, still others blamed [...]
I Once Was a Liberal: A Tale from Both Sides - I once was a liberal, and now I'm a conservative, and a libertarian. I've seen the world through both lenses. Every word of this is true. A Tale from Both Sides I've decided to tell my story because it's one which is so rarely told. In a world where we are so divided by political party, race, creed, gender and sexual orientation, we often hear what we already know, and argue with those we don't understand. During this [...]
Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President - Update: We were right. This article was originally published back in February! It's official, Donald J. Trump will be President of the United States in 2017. With his commanding win in Nevada tonight, Trump has proven everyone wrong. The pundits said he couldn't win. The GOP establishment said he would falter. His opponents called him names, and the media tried to set him up at every turn. Even Fox News tried to derail his candidacy at [...]
Why Did Blacks Leave the Republican Party? - It's an important question. Why did black Americans ultimately leave the Republican Party? The Republican Party was founded based on the "free soil, free labor, free men" ideology, and their primary goal was to put an end to slavery. In fact, the party was created specifically to combat the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which would have extended slavery into additional territories. Democrats were overwhelmingly pro-slavery, and pro-oppression of black Americans in general. When the Republicans put Abraham Lincoln in power, [...]
Dr. Ben Carson Takes Lead Over Clinton - According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Dr. Ben Carson has taken a commanding lead over Hillary Clinton in a general election match up. The results provide more confirmation that Clinton's campaign is effectively over. Carson is beating Clinton by five points, which puts him comfortably ahead of the Democrat. Clinton is also losing or tied with every other major Republican candidate, but Carson's lead is particularly striking. The evidence is clear, Clinton's campaign is officially in [...]
Sanders Leads Iowa - In a new Quinnipiac poll released today, Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in the state of Iowa. This puts Sanders ahead in both Iowa and New Hampshire. All of what we're about to discuss assumes the DNC is not corrupt, and is not planning to rig the election for Hillary. If they are, and my better judgement says that's the case, Hillary will win regardless of any momentum Sanders achieves. That said, [...]
Many Black Americans Will Vote for a Republican in 2016 - Many black Americans will vote for a Republican in 2016. The evidence for this is everywhere. Black Americans overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and they did so again in 2012. Understandably, the choice for Obama was an easy one. In addition to being America's first black President, Obama's appeal was widespread, and his populist movement was practically unstoppable. Since Obama was first elected, however, conditions for black Americans haven't improved. In fact, they're infinitely worse. Race relations [...]
Why Dr. Ben Carson is the Right Candidate - Dr. Ben Carson was an outsider. A non-politician and a former pediatric neurosurgeon. He had no business being in the 2016 race. Then, in the summer of 2015, something changed. Dr. Carson stunned an audience of 24 million with his sharp wit, calm demeanor, and presidential posture. In just a few short months, Dr. Carson learned how to tone down his politically incorrect rhetoric, but without sacrificing his principles. He showed the nation they had [...]
Is Sanders a Fascist? - Bernie Sanders might be a fascist. Normally, when we think of fascist leaders, we think of Hitler and Mussolini, but he might not be far off. Sanders espouses big government policies for controlling the economy and our citizens. He drives his campaign based on populist ideas - catering hard to populist movements. He believes in fundamentally reshaping our nation with the government at the wheel, and in controlling the private sector. He uses scapegoats for the benefit [...]
Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Should Be Over Already - The corrupt DNC will never admit it, but Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign should be over already. When Hillary's email scandal broke earlier this year, The New York Times quickly backed down over criticism of the story. In subsequent months, Hillary attacked Republicans and Fox News for creating something out of nothing. For a short time, it seemed Hillary might escape the media frenzy. However, since then, Hillary's nightmare has only gotten worse. Much worse. Now that the FBI [...]