Is Sanders a Fascist?

Bernie Sanders might be a fascist. Normally, when we think of fascist leaders, we think of Hitler and Mussolini, but he might not be far off.

Sanders espouses big government policies for controlling the economy and our citizens. He drives his campaign based on populist ideas – catering hard to populist movements. He believes in fundamentally reshaping our nation with the government at the wheel, and in controlling the private sector. He uses scapegoats for the benefit of his campaign – he goes after the wealthy. He does so with nationalistic fervor behind him.

Sanders is exactly the type of politician our founding fathers warned us about. He attacks the wealthy in the name of the middle class and the poor, but completely disregards real economic theory on the effects of higher taxation and regulation. His aggressive anti-capitalist stance echos Germany’s National Socialist Party doctrine. His ideas, while they seem well-intentioned, are misguided at best, and frighteningly dangerous at worst. The National Socialist Party seemed well-intentioned as well – until it wasn’t.

To make matters worse, Sanders is the first legitimate presidential candidate who is a self-described socialist. With the “zi” from “Nazi” literally pulled from the German word “sozialist,” I think I’d rather vote for someone who avoids socialism altogether. Our founding fathers knew that a government run by those who “have not,” would inevitably oppress those who “have.” Eventually, driving those who have out of the country, or at least into mutual poverty. A nation of takers can only take for so long until there are no more producers.

What’s really dangerous about Sanders is his complete lack of regard for the Constitution. His so-called “moderate” stance on guns, his extremist position on taxation, and his general desire to conduct a broad redistribution of wealth are in direct opposition to economic and personal liberty. Think FDR, but on steroids. We can only hope his attacks on individual liberty are truly well-intentioned, as the slope is a slippery one. While some of you may be worried about a Trump presidency, I’m not. I’m worried about Sanders.

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  1. Here’s a lecture for anybody who wants to yell “commie” or assume he’s just proposing free shit for votes or in some malicious plot to harm the free market. So before this gets out of hand, here’s a history lesson for y’all: there are two types of “Socialism” as a general concept; there is revolutionary, which insists upon violent revolt, and gave us Soviet Communism, Castro, et cetera, and there is evolutionary, which says that we should achieve power democratically and listen to the voice of the people, and not execute, declare war among each other, or monopolize all in the hands of the state. Evolutionary socialism gave us Democratic Socialism, which culminated in the Nordic Model which Bernie Sanders espouses. The Nordic Model employs strong social safety nets like tuition-free public college and single-payer healthcare to assure a minimum quality of life for its citizens that secures an individual’s potential in life, while allowing for strong property rights and ease of doing business. The countries that employ this model: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, have surpassed us in education, healthcare, lack of corruption, and happiness. They still have large corporations like Nokia and Volvo, and they have lower unemployment and less than half the poverty rate of the US after taxes. And no, Hitler was not a Socialist. The Nazi Party did not include the “Socialist” in National Socialist German Workers Party until the elections of the beginning of the 30’s to take votes away from the Social Democrats. Hitler was financed by large corporations, blamed everything on the left wing and immigrants like Jews and Gypsies, and the concentration camps were privately funded. Hitler was a fascist, which is a right-wing despot not unlike our modern day Republicans.

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