Why Dr. Ben Carson is the Right Candidate

Dr. Ben Carson was an outsider. A non-politician and a former pediatric neurosurgeon. He had no business being in the 2016 race.

Dr. Ben Carson

Then, in the summer of 2015, something changed. Dr. Carson stunned an audience of 24 million with his sharp wit, calm demeanor, and presidential posture. In just a few short months, Dr. Carson learned how to tone down his politically incorrect rhetoric, but without sacrificing his principles.

He showed the nation they had a viable anti-Trump option. A candidate who is not a politician, but offers the same straight talking, pro-capitalism, pro-family, pro-life values of a leading Republican candidate. Better yet, Carson’s pro-life stance and religious principles are unquestioned. Even better yet, as a successful neurosurgeon, he managed to build real wealth in the private sector, but also helped children along the way.

While Carson has had missteps, all candidates falter from time to time. To date, Carson has proven he is capable of playing in the big leagues. Don’t discount his surge, it’s real, and Donald Trump should be worried.

Policy-wise, Trump and Carson may not be opposites, but personality wise, they couldn’t be more different. For those of us who are seeking a viable, smart, presidential, non-politician for 2016, Carson is your candidate.

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