Many Black Americans Will Vote for a Republican in 2016

Many black Americans will vote for a Republican in 2016. The evidence for this is everywhere.

Black Americans overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and they did so again in 2012. Understandably, the choice for Obama was an easy one. In addition to being America’s first black President, Obama’s appeal was widespread, and his populist movement was practically unstoppable.

Since Obama was first elected, however, conditions for black Americans haven’t improved. In fact, they’re infinitely worse. Race relations are at an all time low, nearly a million more black men and women live in poverty, and the unemployment rate among young black men has skyrocketed. A significant number of young black men have simply left the labor-force altogether. With no jobs, these men are often lured toward a life of crime, contributing to higher crime rates, black-on-black shootings, increased drug use, and declining moral and family values. Additionally, although median household income has fallen for all Americans, black household median income fell nearly 1,000% more than white household median income.

Looking at net worth, the situation is even more bleak. White median net worth has remained stagnant under Obama, but black median net worth has fallen dramatically – nearly 50%. When Obama took office, white families were seven times richer than black families. Today, your average white family is 13 times richer – this occurred despite almost no gains in white net worth. As for home ownership, 200% more black families have lost their homes than white families under Obama.

No matter how you crunch the numbers, Barack Obama has undoubtedly been the worst president for black Americans in the last 100 years – perhaps since the Democrats enacted Jim Crow laws in the late 19th century. Although his initial ascension to the Oval Office is something black Americans can be proud of, the proof is in the pudding. The reality is, Obama’s policies hurt black Americans. His policies also hurt Hispanic Americans and other minority groups. In fact, economically speaking, Obama’s policies hurt all Americans.

In 2016, black Americans will again have a choice on their hands. Vote Democrat, and get more of the same. Otherwise, vote Republican, and try something new. Stopping illegal immigration would undoubtedly create jobs for young black men and women, and lowering taxes would certainly help struggling black families. There are myriad Republican candidates to choose from whose economic and social policies would help black Americans. In fact, Dr. Ben Carson is currently running in the number two spot right behind Trump – and unlike Obama, Carson is 100% black. Whether or not Carson ends up becoming the Republican nominee, black voters would be hard-pressed to vote for a Democrat instead.

Democrats today have successfully rebranded the party, convincing everyone that racist southern Democrats of old are now Republicans. This is wholly untrue. Racist southern Democrats are no longer a legitimate electorate, and haven’t been for a long time. Republicans today haven been rebranded as the “party of the rich,” and this also couldn’t be more untrue. Republican policies favor rich and poor alike. They’ve been rebranded as “conservative,” but they’re only conservative against bad policy. Republicans are progressive when they see a need (pro-life movement), and conservative when they see fire (against wealth redistribution and bad economic policy).

Republicans today are still the defenders of individual liberty, and they’re still the party that ended Jim Crow laws and slavery, and passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Historically, they’ve been for bigger government when we needed it, and smaller government ever since. Their principles haven’t changed. Democrats, however, continue to push big government, and nearly all of their policies end up hurting black America – intentionally or otherwise. Democrats have a long history of black oppression, one that didn’t end with rebranding. While the electorate as a whole continues to evolve, the policies that help blacks are and have always been on the Republican side.

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