Dr. Ben Carson Takes Lead Over Clinton

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Dr. Ben Carson has taken a commanding lead over Hillary Clinton in a general election match up.

The results provide more confirmation that Clinton’s campaign is effectively over. Carson is beating Clinton by five points, which puts him comfortably ahead of the Democrat. Clinton is also losing or tied with every other major Republican candidate, but Carson’s lead is particularly striking.

The evidence is clear, Clinton’s campaign is officially in a nose-dive. Her polling numbers have collapsed so far, and so fast, that it seems impossible at this point for her to recover. Even if Clinton’s polling numbers improved from here, she is facing increasingly stiff competition from Bernie Sanders, and a looming threat of indictment.

While it is unlikely Clinton would suspend her campaign anytime soon, her staff is certainly growing increasingly concerned. Clinton still polls fairly well in a nationwide match-up with Sanders, but her star is fading quickly. If she continues her free-fall trajectory, she will not be competitive in the primaries. To save face, it would make sense for her to step aside, rather than endure an even more crushing defeat than the one she suffered against Obama in 2008. If she stays in the race, and is subsequently indicted, the scandal could be far worse than Watergate, and far more embarrassing than the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Hillary should suspend her campaign now in order to properly address the lingering email scandal. The DNC must be concerned either way. If Hillary recovers enough to win the nomination, but is subsequently indicted, Republicans will be guaranteed a victory in 2016. Additionally, If Hillary is indicted after receiving the nomination, it could ruin the Democrat Party for generations to come.

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