“Modern” Feminism is Cancer

This message is for our male readers.

It’s 2016. A feminist today isn’t the same as a feminist from 1960. Let’s call today’s feminists “modern” feminists. Feminists today have significantly overshot their goal for equality – as a result, straight white men are officially oppressed. Very oppressed. Western white women today are the most privileged class in the history of mankind. Straight white men today are the newly oppressed class – the types of oppressed individuals we still ask about in history books. How could we have condoned slavery? Why couldn’t women vote? Why did we slaughter the Indians? You’re seeing it happen right now – oppression is never obvious until it has already happened.

In 20 years history will rhyme again. We will ask ourselves, when and why did we abandon and systematically dismantle the souls of straight white men? The same men who gave us roads, bridges, cars, computers, the internet and electricity, and the same men who took us to the moon. The same men who protected our women, and raised our families. The same men who worked hard, fought in wars, and the same men who died for us, and for our freedom.

When did we abandon them?

We abandoned them when we designed standardized testing in the United States to favor women. We abandoned them when we said they were rapists in waiting, and when we scheduled rape training to curtail their sick desires. We abandoned them when we forced them to hide their love and affection for women, and demanded they ask for permission first before kissing a girl.

We abandoned them when we told them they would receive no scholarships or gifts based on their race, sex or sexual orientation. We abandoned them when we called them priviledged. We abandoned them when we called them nazis and racists. We failed them when we told them they had to act more feminine, and when we insisted on destroying every last smidgen of their paternalistic nature.

We left them behind in the job force by favoring the hiring of women and others who “deserved it more.” We failed them when we decided their natural male aggression must be tempered with medication at a very young age. We called them nuisances, erratic, miscreants, and worst of all we called them the supreme ruling and priviledged class all while trampling on their very souls.

Straight white men today are the most oppressed class of our era – we just don’t know it yet.

Where are the straight white men leading the fight against male oppression? They’re hiding from the progressive liberal hate mongers who would ruin their lives at first sight. The supreme authority of the modern feminist movement must never be questioned.

For those who doubt this, take the oppression test. Oppression is hard to spot, especially by the perpetrators, but try this. Consider who receives more backlash for speaking their minds today. A feminist for saying women should receive “equal pay for equal work,” or a man for arguing that women, just like men, overwhelmingly receive appropriate pay based on market conditions? The answer is obvious, and tells us where the oppression lies.

Feminism today is cancer.

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