If You Tell Me You Supported Hillary, I Already Know Seven Things About You


This article is being posted in response to a similar Daily Kos piece I read prior to the election attacking Donald Trump’s supporters. Considering the author thinks Donald Trump’s supporters are all racist, classless, misogynist, unethical, un-American and un-Christian, I’ll reserve the childish bigotry and pure hatred for those lesser publications. Since Trump’s election, we’ve heard the masses of liberals call Trump supporters these terms time and time again, and the mainstream media has gone on a non-stop “Fake-News” frenzy while accusing everyone else of being “Fake News.” Instead of participating in their crap, I’ll stick to the traits which I can pinpoint with some degree of accuracy, and avoid branding all of her supporters with such a broad brush.

For your enjoyment, here are the seven things I (probably) know about you based on your (now previous) support for Hillary Clinton (if you supported Hillary, go ahead and close your browser now – you definitely can’t handle reading this whole thing because you’re an ostrich and because she lost):

1. You don’t understand basic economics.

This one is perhaps the biggest giveaway, and I would venture to say a vast majority of Hillary’s supporters don’t have even a rudimentary knowledge of economics. For example, a higher minimum wage hurts the poor and raises unemployment, and higher taxes on corporations and on the rich (or anyone) hurts the economy and hurts the poor the most. Additionally, regulations stifle economic growth, and our debt is reaching unsustainable levels. We are also already in a depression which is being masked by low interest rates. We are one bad bank decision away from a global Great Depression that everyone will suffer from.

Your excuse is to simply say “trickle-down economics doesn’t work,” but the sad truth is, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Trickle-down isn’t even a real policy, it’s a word Democrats made up. Oh, and by the way, if you’re an economist and you somehow don’t agree – you’re a Keynesian, and you’re about to lose your job. If you still don’t believe me, you’re probably a Hillary supporter, and you need to look these things up (use Google, or read any basic book on economics that wasn’t written by Karl Marx, try Thomas Sowell instead) – I won’t do your homework for you. Oh yeah, and despite all the media’s fear-mongering, the market is soaring after Donald Trump’s election – legitimate or not – you have to pay attention. If Hillary’s supporters knew anything about basic economics, they wouldn’t be Hillary supporters – period.

2. You are an insider, a statist, a corporatist, a fascist, a socialist, a corrupt financier, a communist, or just creepy.

At least to some degree, you have to be one of the above to support Hillary Clinton. It’s highly unlikely you could be anything else. Considering Hillary herself fits the bill on most of these titles, I would say it’s hard to imagine someone supporting her who doesn’t as well. Even her rival in the primary was a self-proclaimed, devout socialist. WikiLeaks has proven Hillary to be a massively corrupt liar who apparently associates with child molesters (at least we know of one for sure, Anthony Weiner) and people who perform disgusting rituals that I can’t even print here. Don’t believe me? That’s because CNN didn’t report it. Search Google for “spirit cooking” right now, and then ask yourself if this is normal. If you’re not creepy (and I don’t mean just sui generis), then you’re one of the other things in this list – I don’t know which is worse honestly.

3. You have trouble seeing the forest for the trees.

You see the words “higher minimum wage,” and you get excited without doing the research into the ramifications. Same goes for “free universal healthcare,” “free tuition,” and “higher taxes on the rich and big business.” You are unable to objectively analyze consequences of actions, and instead prefer to support what “looks good,” or “feels right” with no real thought process behind it. This makes you an ignorant do-gooder who contributes to the decline of our society. You also cannot see how biased the media is, because you are unable to discern truth from fiction. You can only absorb small bits of information at any one time, and your solution to the complexity of the world is to bury your head in the proverbial sand. You don’t see the corruption in the DOJ. You don’t see the corruption in the intelligence community. You don’t see the corruption in the White House. You don’t see the corruption with Hillary, Bill, and the Clinton Foundation.

4. You are a bigot, you just don’t know it yet.

Now that Trump has won, you’re calling everyone associated with him a racist. You know it – don’t hide it. You’ve slandered people on the right, and you’ve oppressed people who did not agree with you. You’ve dehumanized friends, family members and even colleagues by calling them racists, misogynists, homophobes, idiots, nazis and xenophobes. You did this, you know you did this, and you know it’s bigotry, you just won’t admit it yet. In fact, you will comment on this article by calling me an idiot, or a moron, or something similar – but you’ll provide exactly zero evidence to contradict anything contained herein. Meanwhile, you’re totally clueless about the bigoted, racist emails from Hillary’s camp in the WikiLeaks releases.

Apparently they hate Latinos, blacks, Catholics, evangelicals, southerners, young people, and of course, Trump supporters. You think Donald Trump and his supporters are all these terrible things, but you’re a hypocrite, and so is Hillary. You call Donald a misogynist even though Hillary attacked, silenced and ridiculed her husband’s rape-victims, and even though she takes millions of dollars from men who abuse and murder women in the middle east, and even though Hillary defended a child rapist and laughed about it when she was an attorney.

You call him a racist even though Hillary says we need to “bring blacks to heel.” You call him a xenophobe and a nazi even though more Americans in Israel voted for Trump than Hillary. You call him a homophobe even though Trump wants to stop Islamic extremists from murdering members of the LGBTQ community, and even though he supports gay marriage, unlike Hillary. You call him corrupt when Hillary is easily the most corrupt person to ever run for President of the United States. You call him a liar while Trump represents the first bastion of truth we’ve had in American politics in decades. You say his university is a fraud, while tens of thousands of students claim they “loved it” and only a couple who disliked it were touted by a partisan law firm with ties to Hillary. You say he’s had bankruptcies, meanwhile he has run numerous successful businesses, and bankruptcies do happen in business – Trump’s failures are spectacularly rare.

You don’t know this, because you are an employee, not a business owner. Meanwhile, Hillary ran only one business, Whitewater Development Corporation. It was a complete fraud and a huge scandal, went bankrupt and brought down a bank with it. Hillary and Bill were investigated and many people were convicted of a deluge of crimes. Oh yeah, and she got away with insider trading, and possibly even murder – yup, the m-word, and she’s running for president. Being a bigot should be the least of your concerns.

5. You think blacks and Hispanics are inferior, and you support mass genocide.

Essentially, you’re the real racists, and you’re only one small step away from overtly supporting mass oppression and mass genocide. You dehumanize blacks and Hispanics, and assume they would be helpless without you. You call them things like “super-predators” behind closed doors (Hillary actually did this before she said we need to “bring them to heel”), but pretend to champion their causes at all other times. Meanwhile, you only care about your own image, and care little if anything for the minorities you indirectly denigrate.

Democrats of old passed laws to designate blacks as “not-human,” while democrats of today pass laws to designate the unborn as “not-human.” By supporting Hillary you directly or indirectly support partial-birth late-term abortion (aka forcefully removing a viable baby and then murdering it out of the womb). You already support mass genocide and mass oppression, you just don’t know it yet. If you’re black, then you don’t know that blacks are significantly worse off under Barack Obama – and that Hillary’s campaign staff “joked” about smoking crack cocaine in order to research a speech for black people at the NAACP. If you’re Hispanic, you obviously don’t know Hillary’s campaign considers you to be “mindlessly loyal consumers” and “needy latinos.”

6. You are woefully ignorant of how business and taxes work.

It’s easy to get you riled up about Trump’s taxes, because you don’t know anything about taxes. You think when the government sends you a refund check it’s a gift from the Feds. You’re also completely ignorant about business, how it works, why it exists, and what it has done for our society. You are business illiterate, and you probably have a degree in communications, anthropology, sociology, or some other obscure liberal art (and you never branched out). You’re not upset about the fraud at Hillary’s foundation because CNN didn’t report it. Regardless, you don’t even know the difference between a charity and a for-profit business. You have no idea what “profit” even means.

7. You think the media is unbiased (except Fox News), and you think academics know everything.

Your ignorance of the bias which exists in the media and within academia is stunning. You think journalists and academics are inviolable, and you practically salivate when you read/watch a piece or read a study which you already agree with. You are very susceptible to the halo effect, and you value credentials over results. You have very little ability to think critically or rationally, and your success in life and in your career have suffered as a result of your poor judgement. You are voting for Hillary or you voted for her already without reading a single release from WikiLeaks.

You don’t know that CNN is a fraudulent news organization, working hand-in-hand with the DNC and Hillary (the proof is in the WikiLeaks you didn’t read). You are brilliantly ignorant, and supremely egotistical with nothing to show for it. You are what I like to call, an intellectual with no judgement, or a thinker with no mind. You are sad and angry about this, because your lack of understanding of the world and how it works leaves you feeling frustrated and depressed. As a result, you attack and demoralize others who do not agree with your simplistic, naive ideals.

If you tell me you supported Hillary Clinton, I probably already know everything about you.

Oh, and Donald Trump won the election… get over it.

And good day, sir.

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    1. Actually, we are anti-idiot-mental-patient with a gun, I receive zero hand out, never have in my 62 years and I own my own business, which I started with my own ‘out-of-pocket’ funds. NO help from anyone.

      Tell me again why the southern red states are the most government dependent states in the union? Oh, wait, let me find some substantiated proof.

      1. A Thinking Man: So then according to you, anyone who doesn’t share your opinion is an idiotic mental case who shouldn’t have a gun. Since we’re just willing to violate people’s rights all willy-nilly, any idiotic mental case like yourself shouldn’t be allowed to express their dangerous opinion. If you want to exercise your first amendment right, you need to be able to pass a criminal record check and be evaluated and approved by a licensed psychologist to receive a temporary permit to practice free speech. The permit will need to be renewed every 5 years under the same criteria listed above.

        After all, your radical views can’t be spread to cause harm to this country by brainwashing others. It shall be deemed that your views do not serve the best interests of the state, so your free speech will be revoked and result in jail time if violated.

      2. Try buying a nice home in blue states. You pay triple the price which is why lower income people move to lower cost of living states. It seems you are bragging because only the elite can afford to live in blue states. I live like s king in red, low cost of living states and own two houses which I could never afford in blue states. Poor people can’t afford to live in blue states either so they move and the people needing assistance can make it much better in red states. Low cost of living and low taxes help everybody. Go Trump!

      3. Glenn, I am a transplant from Seattle to Georgia. Yes, I guess I am bragging. Even though I own my own biz, I’ll never be able to hire anyone because the demand for my product will never be high enough. I only wanted to offer something people could afford over what I had seen in this local area. I restore photos as well as other media offers. The going rate for these products in this area are cost prohibitive for many. I know because I wanted to have some work done, long ago, and saw how expensive it was. I decided to learn to do what I sought to have done for myself and decided to go public with it. I don’t make money hand over fist, but I do have happy and returning clients. That has always been my goal.
        I own one house, one truck, I don’t care to own more, nor do I need more.
        If that is bragging, so be it. I’m not going to feel ashamed of it. I contribute to my community, and I believe that is much better than not doing so.

      4. There must be a reason why you moved from a blue state to a red state. One of the states I own one of my houses is Georgia . If I tried to buy that same house in a blue state, I would pay close to a million dollars. I work for a Fortune 500 company. They have asked me several times to accept a promotion in a blue state, I couldn’t afford to take it. I wouldn’t have the luxury home and the taxes would eat me alive. Most average middle income households have s higher living condition than in blue states. I would not waste my money in a blue state.

      5. I moved to marry.
        In 2001 I was 47, I was single, never married, new computer for the first time.
        I met a woman on the web, communicated with her for nearly a year, we decided to meet.
        It went well, we decided to marry.
        I moved, we wed and are doing well today.
        Good luck with all of your houses, your “fine” job and Trump.
        I don’t believe you understand the meaning of “elitist.”

        Have a great day. I’m done. Your reasoning and record have far out done me.

      6. The article you linked too merely ranks states based on median income. It says nothing about how much money they pay to the Federal Government or how much money they receive from the Federal Government. Also there is nothing documented here explaining cost of living by state vs income. So this article does not document the most dependent states. If I were to guess what state might be most dependent it would be California.

      7. If that’s like all the other “most dependent” studies I’ve seen it includes federal employees, aka military. When you take that out its a more even bag.

      8. There are outliers in every situation and I commend you for personally being successful. You unfortunately aren’t in the majority.

      9. In reply to you stating you’ve started your own business and ran it successfully “You do that, someone else did”. Enjoy your ignorance

      10. Southern Red states receive a lot of farm subsidies and have a large number of military bases that skew the numbers. If you were a thinking man you would have looked into this faux study in a little more detail.

  1. This is funny. Whenever we characterize the “other” it is often with our own faults. Lots of “the pot calling the kettle black” in this article and it goes both ways. Skepticism is the seed of wisdom. You claim to know these things about a large population; you know less then you think, as we all do. Of course sensationalism gets views… so I cant blame you for writing this click-bait trash article.

    1. Demonizing the Other has been the dominant “diplomatic” paradigm since at least the Crimean War.

      …worked real good, didn’t it?

  2. You forgot another reason. Trump is a bigger crook than Shillary. You forgot another thing too.

    Nobody’s crazy about voting for Hillary. People simply think it’s crazy to vote for Trump.

    1. Trump is a bigger crook than Hillary? Trump made his own money and Hillary stole tax payer money as well as shook down governments for personal wealth putting our country at risk. Trump is a 1 on a scale of 1-100 as far as being crooked. Hillary is a 99.

      1. http://m.dailykos.com/story/2016/06/11/1537582/-The-most-thorough-profound-and-moving-defense-of-Hillary-Clinton-I-have-ever-seen

        “In terms of honesty, I’ve already addressed that. Hillary is a politician, and like all politicians she is no stranger to “massaging” and/or exaggerating the truth. And yes on occasion she will let loose a whopper. But is she worse than other politicians? As I’ve already discussed, the evidence suggests that she is no worse, and actually better, than most other politicians.”

        That has to be the most ignorant statement I’ve seen.
        Try THIS on O’ shrouded by the interwebs…..
        You’ve just proven this article 100% accurate.

      2. Made his own money? you mean by inheriting it? He’s lost more through his failures than he would have made by simply investing it. I guess the 3600 people suing Trump are all losers and poor workers too? What an idiot.

    2. Lee Lucas
      You’ve proven the author’s point.
      You’ve allowed yourself to be swayed by the biased media rather than objectively researching the candidates. The MSM has waged a no holds barred smear campaign against Trump and you swallowed without knowing all the facts. You’re what’s wrong with this country.
      Hillary’s crimes go back at least thirty years. My God, she was fired from the Nixon administration before Watergate. She’s so crooked Nixon fired her!
      Google Hillary and: Benghazi; Whitewater; pay to play; Travelgate; ISIS; Iran; Al Quida; Atkansas; Arkansas State Police; Emailgate; Congress; FBI; IRS; CIA; DOJ; George Soros; Clinton Foundation fraud; FBI Director Comey; Secret Service; Erdogan; Putin; Julian Assange; Swiss bank account; Swiss not for profit; corrupt; evil; lie; dead body list and Illuminati.
      Then we can talk about Trump. By the way, he paid $15M in taxes in 2013. Hillary paid zero in 2014.
      Pull your head out or you’re lost.

      1. The clintons paid around $10 Million in taxes in 2014 (effective 35% tax rate). And apparently you’re the only civilian in the world who has seen Donald Trump’s 2013 tax return. Your factual accuracy do not match your enthusiasm.

        You said “You’ve allowed yourself to be swayed by the biased media rather than objectively researching the candidates.” It doesn’t look like you’ve done any actual objective research. Your so-called facts are from Breitbart, Alex Jones and anti-clinton reddit boards. What you call the biased media includes serious journalists who do actual research and are bound by standards and ethics that preclude them from just making stuff up like you have. There’s almost no allegation against Hillary’s character that Trump has the higher ground on. Hillary is accused of pay-to-play, whereas Trump brags about doing that (and there’s compelling evidence that he’s done this). Hillary is accused of being secretive, but we have more documents and information about her than any candidate in modern history. Trump won’t release his tax returns, won’t prove he’s under audit, we don’t have his emails, business records, charitable donations etc. All we have are his claims which apparently is good enough for you. He accuses Bill Clinton of being a rapist. Trump has also been accused of this, in fact there’s a case in the court system right now. Trump accuses Bill Clinton of infidelity and sexual assault. Trump is accused of the same things (and it’s public knowledge that he was unfaithful to his first wife). Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of smearing her husband’s accusers. Trump himself has called his own accusers liars and worse, and now Melania is saying the same things.

        Writing a long list of words like Isis and George Soros proves nothing. It’s one thing to believe whatever you want, but you’re coming on here preaching that people who don’t believe the same nonsense as you are brainwashed by the biased liberal media. They hypocrisy is astounding. You are citing a list of talking points without doing your own research. Trump is a con man and you are a rube. Part of me wishes that he’d win so that you and the rest of his gullible flock would see that you’ve been taken for a ride, but likely he’ll lose and then you can subscribe to his propaganda network and keep telling the rest of us how we’re brainwashed.

  3. Very accurate article but they left out few things too. Rejection of: the Constitution, the rule of law, common sense, and the Bible. hillary supporters also listen blindly to CNN or Clinton News Network, also called the Jane Fonda Forum, and MSNBC where truth and facts are invented and replaced with lies.

  4. Well this certainly brought out insults . Again I see no thought process to defend positions held ….only insults . Except for Lee Lucas maybe . Yet he misses the facts of Hillarys scandals and chicanery . Her crookedness is SINISTER and totalitarian in its scope .

  5. I had not clue I was all of these things. Thank you to the author for elucidating character flaws that I was not aware of yet. And here I was thinking that four years of education in policy history and political economies had prepared me to make sound decisions about the economy, but that must just be the liberal bias in universities lying to me.

  6. This has to be the worst article I’ve read all day, be it I’m not a hillary supporter, I don’t directly get turned off reading such trashy mud slinging, but it’s a horrible way to get someone to change their position. I’m voting Gary Johnson, just to put it out there.

  7. It’s easy to spot the hillary supporters here because they get very emotional or strongly disagree. Did anyone think they would read this and say “hmm, maybe they’ve got a point here.”

    1. Oh, so you’re an idiot and a bigot. what a surprise. well, not really a surprise, they go together, like you and livestock. sort of hand in glove-like. but not your hand and not its glove.

  8. 1. Where is the evidence to support any of that?

    2. Paradoxical gobbledygook

    3. Projection

    4. Ridiculous generalization

    5. Baseless generalization

    6. Nonsensical blabbering

    7. Projection

    But at least the people who agree with you call those who don’t “liberal faggots.”

  9. It’s funny that most comments on here are from folks who don’t understand that this is in response to a similar article (“If you are voting from Trump I already know seven things about you”)…you have to read both to understand the context…when you say this is foolish projection, understand, you are actually commenting on the original….

  10. I don’t support Hillary are you going to curse me out?
    I stand for righteousness and I don’t believe she is right standing. I’m a bible reading Christian that went to Bible College. I not only read the word I live by it.
    Let me tell you a little something about you if you are supporting her. One you believe everything that comes out of her mouth. Two you probably aren’t concerned about biblical principles. Three you’re angry at me because I disagree with you. Four you are angry with me because I speak out my convictions. The list can go on. But what I’d like to say to all of you after reading some of these threads- are you at peace with all men? We are fellow country men and women must we be divided if we disagree? Shouldn’t we be civil with each other no matter what?

  11. I find a couple things interesting about the comments here. Many of the whiny comments pretty much prove the point of the article. Also, those claiming deflection while deflecting is especially precious. Especially when they refer to the other side assuming that the author is automatically a Trump supporter further confiming the articles validity.

  12. I love how many of the comments validate the article. And just a reminder for @A Thinking Man with your own business. ..Obama made it perfectly clear “you didn’t build that”.

    1. Read the full Obama quote. He’s obviously talking about the building of the infrastructure of the American system, not whether any given individual built their own business.

    2. is that you being obtuse or just dumb and incapable of understanding context? did you listen to the entire speech? it was about community, about how no business succeeds without the support of the community it exists in or the nation that nurtures it. you may disagree with the ideas that a business needs customers and supporters, or that this nation fosters the climate that helps businesses succeed, but you don’t have to be deliberately deceitful to make a political point. try being honest.

  13. The old “I know you are but what am I” retort.

    It’s not a matter of understanding that this is a response to the previously published essay about Trump supporters. The problem is that the author has taken themselves too seriously. It’s not clever enough to be an effective or humorous satire, not factual or reasoned enough to make a valid or substative argument, nor as well-written as the original that it purports to mock.

  14. Please no more of these shameful episodes. The sad part is that Chelsea Clinton also lied about Hillary’s lies. So Chelsea is already on this path of reckless behavior.


    Russert Dismantles Hillary’s Bosnia Story

    On Meet the Press, Tim Russert dismantles the Bosnia story told by Hillary, and James Carville responds without much of a defense for her.

  15. There are always some exceptions; no group can be painted with one brush.
    Points 1,3,5 and 6 are fairly accurate for the majority of Hillary Supporters.

    None of the 7 points are well articulated, and lack any supportive substance. Worse, the underlying tone of all of them is one of insult, name-calling, mud-slinging, etc.
    Trump is a despicable choice, yet remains the lesser of the evils, in particular about the damage to America that will occur if Hillary is elected. But until/unless you can paint an accurate objective picture of WHY, then you shall fail at getting any Hillary Supporter to see reasons to vote against her.
    Stop with the negativity and under-the-radar insults. Put the facts on the table. You are doing exactly what most of the mainstream media has been doing to Trump.

  16. WOW! Anonymous, you claim to have attended Bible college and have not only read the Bible but live it too? You must have missed the part about forgiveness, turning the other cheek, arguing with a fool, and using foul language, among other things.

  17. Actually, this was a very good article. I have several friends voting for Hillary, but they can’t articulate why. They turn into 3rd graders when trying to explain. Then when I ask if they are ok with Hilary’s corrupt past an her recent scandals, they call them lies, even though federal officials have verified the corruption and the blatant lies. Hillary supporters are not even aware of the Clinton foundation and the video “Clinton Cash ” exposed about the Clinton thefts. The only people voting for Hillary are totally oblivious to what is going on. This is why Trump has do much support, it’s to keep this corrupt couple from gaining anymore power and wealth.

    1. Actually, I can articulate why I am voting for HRC vs Donald. HRC has more credibility, more experience, more proven successes such as legislation for the 9/11 first responders than trump. You choose to believe that those things arent true, but that doesnt make you right. in fact, you are the one who is incapable of articulating truthfully why you are supporting your candidate.

  18. Well, this was a worthless post.

    Everything else aside, you do know that critiquing a person for his or her views does not make one a bigot, don’t you? Views aren’t inherent characteristics, they are adopted intentionally and can change over time. They are core to a person’s character. They’re fair game for criticism, unlike, say, gender, or ethnicity, or country of origin. or sexual orientation.

    But you’d rather just say, “nuh uh, YOU’RE the real bigot!” Very mature response.

  19. it’s amazing to me that most of the Hillary supporters on here post as anonymous . If you really believe everything your saying , why are you so afraid to post your names.

  20. The first point has been unequivocally refuted by science. And half of these points are doubletalk nonsense aimed at how people feel. Your feelings are irrelevant.

  21. If you are a trumpet you are a bigot, racist, tax dodger, womanizer, sexual predator, liar, and the list goes on and on.

  22. This is for The Thinking Man—-the reason the Southern states show highest handout is because all the DAs from the north come here and retire here.
    The ones who are from here work to support their sorry behinds.
    I am a Yale graduate and that’s not a welfare school.
    Learn your facts.
    I support Trump cause I HATE liars, cheaters, thieves, killers and double talking Clintons. 8 previous years of her in the White House was enough to know she will steal anything not nailed down.

  23. I happily voted for Trump in my primary. And I will proudly vote for him in November. Yes he will disappoint us all on occasion. Who doesn’t? But I think he’s also going to surprise a lot of people. He will fear neither consensus when possible nor ass-kicking when necessary. He will safeguard us from the damage a left-wing Supreme Court would inflict on the nation. He will stand for the rights of women, LGBT Americans, and minorities whom have been used by the Democrats. He will maintain critical global relationships and create new ones, and he will react to dangerous situations with the temperament of a seasoned and experienced professional. And in a nation that didn’t even allow women to vote until 1920, he will make history by shattering the very highest glass ceiling, that of a non-politician President, and in doing so forever change the way a generation of young men and women view their place in our Republic.

  24. You can’t say “You don’t understand the economy” then just say minimum wage hurts poor people and offer no evidence, like it is a statement of fact, and they are idiots for not knowing. On any of these things you could have some level of discussion, but instead you spew this childish talking point bile. You are part of the reason Conservativism is dying, it is like you are petting a dog to death. But bravo you created a troll piece so aggravating I offered up my dummy email and took the time to scream into the void.

  25. To understand how minimum wages hurt the poor, you must first understand a few things.

    Proof: minimum wage hurts the poor

    1) definition of the poor. We assume people are poor because they are unable to work or unable to get work, or unable to retain a paying job.

    2) People usually are unable to get work because they do not have the necessary skills to get and retain a good paying job. The level of skill of a worker determines their productivity. Productivity is how much they can bring into a business that hires them.

    3) Employers pay wages to workers. Employers must bring in more money than it costs to pay the workers. This limits the wages workers can make. A low skilled worker brings in less money than a high skilled worker.

    4) Higher wages require the workers have more skills so that the business can make money.

    5) Since the poor have no skills, the business cannot hire them (until they improve their skills and productivity).

    6) Raising the minimum wage forces the low skilled individuals out of the job market, as their skills are not good enough to sustain the required wages.

    7) since most low skilled individuals are poor, minimum wage thus hurts the poor, (by pricing them out of jobs).


  26. This article could have easily been shortened to “If You Tell Me You Are Supporting Hillary, I Already Know That You Aren’t An Asshole Like Me.”

  27. I guess I’d rather be woefully ignorant the willfully ignorant. Basic economics: Trickle down economics only works when the wealthy spend there money. Hazlitt and others point this out. When we have less than one percent owning 80% or more of the wealth in this country (through manipulation of the system) and companies like GE and APPLE skirting billions of taxes over seas… There is no trickle down. Cutting taxes only exacerbates this. You can’t force ultra wealthy people to spend their hoards… unless you tax them. Which then puts the money back in a corrupted system. Even if we fix the system (pro tip: niether of them can do this… it’s called checks and balances for a reason) the ONLY way out of our current debt crisis is to raise taxes AND cut spending. Period.!All of you baby boomers whining about social security? Maybe you should have paid a little more attention at the polls. Now you want to sell your debt to the next three generations. Hillary is the epitome of the the broken system but Trump? Seriously? Basic economics should tell you that the world cannot aford for US to file bankruptcy (or default as the case would be.) Which is clearly his modus operandi… he even said as much early in his campaign when he suggested that he would “renegotiate” our debt? Which would likely result in the economic version of a nuclear holicost collapsing markets worldwide. If the pubs had put forth ANYONE with a clue this race would be over. Instead you choose to feed the fringe. Now the rest of us are left to deal with a choice no one wants to make… eat shit or die. I guess I’d rather live.

  28. You left out one very important reason I support Hillary Clinton – I find Donald Trump TOTALLY unfit to be President of the United States. Believe me, many millions of people in our country are unfit to be president. I include myself as one of them. Most people who believe in Trump are dazzled by his riches and his status as a TV star. He has shallow knowledge of the basic working of our system as defined in the Constitution. Does he realize the limited scope of power our president has? What really irks me about him – he has had since June 2015 to study important issues and he knows no more about them as he did them. He doesn’t seem interested in them.
    We cannot afford to elect someone so unsuited for the office in so many ways to serve as the chief executive, I’ll tell you this – if I agreed with everything Trump said I still wouldn’t vote for him. Keep the movement alive for at least another four years and see if you can find a better person to serve. BTW, you can make all your points without resorting to racism and insults.

    1. Rea;;u? Mr. Obama was elected twice and to be sure America is worse off then when he took office. Not to mention that the mantra of liberals, democrats, socialists and progressives was and still is “it’s George Bush’s fault” While Mr. Trump may not be the person you will vote for I will vote for him as he will do less harm to our nation than will she. Here history of corruption precedes her in almost every situation. (Russia rest, Iran, Iraq, ISIS, slavery, Clinton Foundation,lying to the House of Representatives while under oath. etc. etc.) The DNC collusion to remove Mr. Sanders from the campaign. The list goes on. So, no thank you to you Mr. L. Milt I and millions of others will vote FOR Mr. Trump and against a third term of Mr. Obama’s carelessness!

    2. Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago. More than half of the people would honestly say no. Talk about fit for president, how about how Hillary carelessly treats confidential or top secret information with an unsecured server & telling the whole world including our adversaries how long it takes when a president orders nukes until launch. Why did she say that during the debate. An unnamed source in the DOD would like to detain her and question, what were you thinking? Wondering why Bill & Chelsea are out there talking down Obama Care. Hillary wants single payer health care like Canada. Hope you don’t get critically sick, because you’ll have to wait in line for surgery (if you don’t die first). Yes, Trump is no Boy Scout, but in terms of the big picture, he would be much better for our country by a long shot.

      1. I normally wouldn’t comment but your claim is ridiculous. The amount of time between ordering a nuclear launch and the launch is useless to the target. It’s also information that can be read or heard on any source you care to use to research the timeline and protocols of a nuclear launch. Go make up something else and check with your unnamed DOD source.

    3. M.L. WILT You say that Trump doesn’t know how to run a country properly. Does that mean you imply that Hillary will actually try to run it properly? She will do the same exact things that she’s doing now, one of which consists of taking millions from foreign leaders of oppressive countries in exchange for political favors and weapons. Now that goes WAAAAAY beyond the scope of a presiden’s “limited scope of power.” I suppose you also believe that the president doesn’t pressure influence of the people over at the Treasury Department just because he’s “not supposed to,” right?

    4. Keep the movement alive for 4 more years? do you mean to move towards more racial divide? to move towards becoming an Islamic nation? do you mean to move towards our civil servants (police, EMS and fire) are cast under the bus for the sake of criminals? the movement to totally ruin the constitution.?

    5. Mr Wilt,I respectfully submit to you that Trump is only the catalyst.Humpty Dumpty would have served just as well.Trump is a cry out from the American people that Washington is irreparable in its present state. The fact that he and Hillary ended up on top,should scream to our legislature that things are badly broken.With no effort from our elected officials to change anything ( both sides ) we have to admit that their agenda is different from the American people.We know Hillary represents more of the same.With tongue in cheek l throw this out; Trump is easily impeachable ,as he is not liked by the powers on either side. Leaving Pence,which is the best possible solution.

    6. I have never seen more division in our country then after Obama took office. That was way before Trump arrived on the political scene. You cannot run your household on the principles adopted by our current government. Our country is so far in debt that any little thing would topple our current government. As interest rates start to rise this fall, the amount owed by the government in terms of interest will rise and it becomes an ever increasing bill that must be paid. Perhaps, you should check out what is happening in Greece. Or even better see what happens when the government tries to be become more socialistic like Venezuela. People have no food, no services and are rioting in the streets. Sound inviting? Or perhaps you are invested in the One World Government – please know that if the entire world is treated as one where everybody can come and go wherever they please, there will be an equalization of all the economies. Please take a trip to an impoverished nation and ask yourself if that is where you wish to be because even the poor in this country have more more than most of the people in this world. Not everyone should go to college. In fact, some of our most successful did not. Why do yo feel the need for the government to tell you everything. I had two great parents and they taught me to think and work out my own problems. Now the cry is “the government knows what is best for you”. The truth is that Hillary Clinton tells all her constituents one thing and in private is saying the blacks are lazy, the Arabs are sandni**ers, the Latinos are easily led, the Jews, Sikhs and Chinese/Japanese are hard workers. How can you support when the alleged government tells yo that your group is bad, lazy or deplorable. My family has spent its life starting a business, worrying for years how we could make the payroll, increase the sales, negotiate contracts with our suppliers and it never stops. Even today, we have to be as sharp as ever! And we did this while always paying excellent wages, good vacations and getting our people health insurance. Why are we to be penalized at this point for doing the right thing since 1979? Please tell me what we did wrong? The answer is absolutely nothing and yet now I feel condemned. If you don’t reward the risk takers then they stop taking the risk! We are not super wealthy as compared to Clinton, movie stars, pro athletes, etc. but apparently we have just enough to make us targets. Why don’t you do some research as to what the risk takers are doing to escape excessive taxation? Why do you think they take their money. their plants, their families and escape to another country. The smaller risk takers like mom and pop operations feel the squeeze and then they just get squeezed out. These are the people that form the backbone of our country, not the suits up in New York and Washington! Wall Street manipulates our money supply to no end except themselves. OMG! Isn’t Hillary and her husband raking in millions of dollars from all those little speeches in front of the very same people. Do you really think she would do anything that will harm their schemes? Let’s get on to all the money she takes in from counties like Saudi Arabia where women, children and gays are killed and raped at the drop of a hat! Really, is this the kind of president that we need? And let us not forget that while Hillary and Obama like to lead us to believe that Russia is so horrible while at the same time secretly seeing them 20% of our uranium. The lies and deceit coming from Hillary Clinton are vulgar and rock me to my core. How can you believe anything she says? Donald Trumps is way right about one thing – she has a lot of experience and it is all bad! Let’s start with her little overhaul of the Arkansas school system – she convinced them that they needed to spend all this money but what you don’t hear is that the rankings of that system fell even further after he plan. I have yet to find anything that she accomplished in Congress and clearly she was a disaster at foreign policy during her tenure as Secretary. The scary part is that people like yourself continue to walk this line!. Trump is not a true republican and his policies are not those of the typical republican which is why many of the republicans are not supporting him. Please don’t be led down the path of the liberal media that he is an awful person. His words at times are outrageous but his actions throughout he years tell a very different story. Hillary’s words are smug and pretentious but politically correct but her actions paint a very different picture. Wake up! If all of these super wealthy people that you call the 1% are gone then who will pay your bills?

      1. “I have never seen more division in our country then after Obama took office.” Well that’s easily fixed: tell Republicans to stop being dlcks.

    7. government is business and he totally knows about running successful business, unlike Hillary who has never had a real job in her life, which makes me wonder how the middle class believes she feels their pain. She feels no pain and is worth millions never having worked. In the real world. No government worker should be a billionaire or even a millionaire. They are public servants. Her corruption makes her totally unsuitable for the job of president.

    8. You are blind or stupid! She is a Criminal and murder. Wants to wipe out US and have one world order! Kill babies as a form of birth control!

      1. I am neither blind nor stupid. Hillary Clinton may be ethically challenged but she’s not a criminal, and she certainly is not a murderer. She has no desire to wipe out the USA or have one world order. Where do you get this nonsense? There is no evidence for any of it. She is pro-choice and you obviously are not, so you consider her a baby killer. Okay. That does make some sense. The rest of it is fantasy.

    9. What has Hillary accomplished tht makes her more qualified than trump?? I’ll wait???? And usay trump dosnt understand the constitution and the way our govt works??? Hillary is against the constitution!!! She has plans to take our freedoms away which would be directly a violation of the constitution and the whole reason it was created! To protect our freedoms and our rights!

      1. Hillary Clinton is not against the Constitution. She has no intention whatsoever to take away anybody’s right. There are many legitimate reasons to dislike her so you don’t have to make any up.

  29. PhD Economist here teaching the stuff at a fairly prestigious institution. I support Hillary and didn’t bother reading the rest of the article after “You don’t understand basic economics”. Here’s a clue – reading Atlas Shrugged does not make you an expert in economics. In fact it sort of sets you backward (I know, I get these types of students in my classes all the time and just getting rid of this garbage out of their heads is hard work) Please take actual Micro and Macro classes or read the textbooks (anything from Mankiw (Republican, Hillary supporter), to Samuelson, to Dornbusch and Fischer to John Taylor). In fact, when polled, 70% of economists supported Hillary and Trump was actually on the bottom, behind Johnson (!).

    Please actually learn something before spouting off. Too much of that on the internet already.

    1. Dear god, not another “teacher of economics” that thinks real economics is taught in a classroom. I especially love the people who graduate in these subjects, go out in the real world, then start spouting the THEORY they learned like they actually know what they are talking about, only to be confused as to why the economy doesn’t quite work the way they were taught in school. That’s most of what is taught in the classroom – theory. That’s why the inter-war gold-exchange standard didn’t work out for you smart “university economists” like it was predicted to, and intensified the Depression locally and globally.

      1. You mean the bretton woods system? You got no clue why it did not work, Keynes had a pretty good idea about what would happen though. And yes, real economics is taught in a classroom, because what you use when running your business is mostly finance. There is a slight difference, think of it as physics and engineering. Economics has nothing to do with running a business. And your argument makes no sense, since the author is using an economic theory-a very basic one- therefore the correct response is correcting him trough a more correct theory.

      2. Luis, The Breton woods system wasn’t implemented until some 20+ years after the inter-war gold-exchange standard started. Nice try, though. Plus, Keynes IBC was a scam, and he was unable to secure adjustments from creditors in the U.S. like he was able to with Britain. University economists are ignorant about quite a few things that face them straight out of their textbooks. Example: the supply of something is supposed to be balanced with the demand through the price mechanism. If that happened for everything then in theory at least, we would have sustained economic growth with relatively full employment.
        But when average incomes rise by say 4% we arrange things in such a way that lots of things (including cash flows and spending on everything) do not rise in price by 4% yet the supply of those same things will barely have changed. Result: chaos – everything goes out of balance. If the rate of incomes growth never changed then things would stay out of balance and we would get used to that, but when the rate varies that goes idea out of the window too.

      3. My father always said, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” [Before someone goes off on that, he was the son of two teachers, and one of my siblings is also…you guessed it…a teacher.] Theory and real-life application are two very different things.

      4. Joe: Taking your example, if everyone’s income rose by 4% and the supply remained the same, you’d have a mild inflation, not the disaster you predict.

      5. M.L. Wilt Yet the theory behind mild inflation is that it is always predicted to result in running and/or jumping inflation, which is proven to be false.

    1. That’s the situation many people find themselves in election 2016. You only have two viable candidates. Trump voters are clearly more excited about their candidate than Clinton voters are about theirs. However, enthusiasm is not a factor in the vote you cast. I support Clinton because Sanders didn’t win the nomination. So I have to choose between Clinton, who has my tepid support, and Trump, whom I loathe with every atom of my being: every electron, proton, and neutron. So whom do I vote for?

      1. You vote for the future of our country! If you want to live in the “one world” economy that Hillary believes in and see the equalization of all countries on the planet then we will fall to the level of the largest population which pretty much puts us as a third world country. If you want to believe in a country that is independent and free but still a good partner with the world then you vote for Trump. I hope that you can see the economics of your own household. Spending more than you take in is not very successful as it results in no electricity, no water, no cell phone and no place to live. Please don’t continue to think that our government can take care of you because they are living proof that you can’t spend more than you take in. It never works!

  30. That’s four things. Once you combine 1 and 3, 4 and 5. Also, Donald supports free healthcare, Hillary doesn’t support “free tuition”. She supports “affordable tuition”. She hasn’t really said how she was going to do it. Now you may say, “I know how she’s going to do it. She’s going to raise MY taxes”. To which I would ask, how is Donald Trump going to support his “FREE HEALTHCARE”? Next, If you had read even a rudimentary economics textbook, you would know that trickle down economics only works when those who get the tax-cuts (which you don’t get by the way) are willing to let those cuts actually trickle down. However, if they horde the cuts into their own savings and take it as a personal financial gain, then it only works for them. Something the Donald admitted to doing. . . The system only works when it works the same for everyone. BASIC ECONOMICS. I love the catch 22 you’ve put into this: If you don’t believe everything I say, you’re a Hillary supporter who doesn’t know how things work. I wish Satan told Christians that to get them away from God. Oh wait. . . HE DOES! If you don’t do what I say, you’re a misfit who will never be accepted.
    Now here’s something interesting for your basic economics. There are actual agreements which can be made with people to allow them to work for less than the minimum wage. WHA??? Yeah. Ever worked on a farm or anything contracted? High paying jobs hardly, if ever go by the minimum wage. Instead, they’re contracted out on a job by job basis. Which means that the minimum wage only affects people who work 40+ hours a week. Those in high paying positions are going to get paid anyways. It’s also interesting that after the last minimum wage boost, the economy skyrocketed. It didn’t cause the Great Depression. It was the solution to end it. Guess what we just came out of??? Wanna know how else they stopped the great depression? The lowered government funding. Wanna know what Trump’s planning? Do your homework and see how many agencies he’s wanting to keep open.
    I’ll give you 7. . .

    1. What actually cured the Great Depression was World War II. After war was declared in December 1941, the economy went into war production mode and thousands of men left the factories for armed services.

    2. I have listened to all debates. I have never heard Trump say he was for free healthcare.he plans to revamp healthcare. As for Hillarys free or affordable college, there will be no place for these graduates to work since she will continue running companies out of US.

  31. To respond to the economic lunacy show me in the constitution where the government is responsible for retirement, health care, food stamps, welfare, etc etc etc. close all these depts and see how fast the economy flourishesbeacause everything govt touches turns to crap and costs 5 times more than it should.

  32. Not that smart, but I do know if hillary is our president health care is going to evolve into single payer, which is bad. Military will be reduced to the bare minimum, which is bad. Taxes will go waaay up, which is bad. Our enemies will not fear us, which is bad. She will select liberal judges for Supreme Court, which is bad. She will try to take away the 2nd amendment and disarm the citizens of our country, which is bad. Russia and close partner Iran, China, North Korea will see their chance to take over the United States, which will be the end.
    I really believe the United States is probably doomed. Most of the country is sitting back, all fat, dumb, and happy and when the $hit hits the fan they’re all gonna have that stupid look on their face and wonder “What the hell happened and who’s gonna take care of me now?

      1. Really? Please note the US signing treaties with the United Nations, please note that the president has the power to take executive action which will strongly curtail the second amendment, please note that a bill is floating right now where the president can declare martial law and use our own military on our own soil. Please think again!

      2. But by appointing anti Constitutionalist judges, you can dismantle the entire Constitution, which will take away all our rights and protections that our forefathers put in place. Exactly as they stayed in first paragraph, Hillary supporters do t know much of anything. You just proved the writers correct.

  33. Is necessary to translate for spanish lenguage. To ¨creole¨is not necessary, they know very good the Clintons´s work en Haiti.

  34. To respond to anonymous. 1) Government sponsored health care is available in EVERY OTHER MAJOR COUNTRY in the world. The US is the only country that spends more per person, gets poorer results and let’s profit drive the system. All the awful stuff you hear about health care in Canada – not true. Propaganda spread by health care insurance lobbyists.

    2) The US military is not going anywhere – it is too begin an economic engine. Another scare tactic. Even if the military was cut in half, it would still be bigger than the next 15 countries – combined.

    3) Taxes will go up if you make more that $250,000 a year. Do you? If yes, you can afford to pay more.

    4) Enemies don’t need to fear the US, just respect. See #2.

    5) While are liberal judges bad? The conservative judges let the billionaires take over running the election. Look what that got the country. Why else do you think so many people are passed.

    6) She has no intention, nor will she have the ability to change the second amendment. Another fallacy spread by the alt-right. Do you have a licence to drive? For your car? Why not get one for a gun?

    7) Russia, Iraq, Chine???? Please! See # 2 and then go read the book “The Accidental Superpower” – no country is ever going to try to take over the US in our lifetime – or your children’s.

    Please please please go educate yourself on the facts, not the propaganda.

    1. Your #1….try to get that past my Canadian friend who lost her mother to cancer at the hands of the slow, crowded, underfunded, and woefully inadequate Canadian Healthcare system. Her death was directly traced back to inadequate diagnosis and excessive wait times for treatment…and she was just one…

      1. Blake US healthcare system is one of the worst.It is incredibly expensive. Even though you do not have a a public health care system, you still spend more in health care per capita than other countries which do have a universal public and free healthcare system.

    2. Sue, as far as your comment about health care in Canada, you are Very Wrong. I live in Quebec and the health care system is so broken, we have private pay as you go clinics everywhere. we have 3-12 hour wait times in emergency rooms- across the country, six month wait for an MRI, 3 months to 2 years to see a specialist, depending on what you need, and YES, people are dying waiting for services.

    3. In Omaha during one of hillery campaign speeches she said she would raise taxes on the middle class , excuse when she said this , oh that not what she meant to say , told a group of environmentalists she would shut down coal mines and put the miners out of work , when miners ask her about this , her excuse, you took my words out of context , no that is exactly what hillery said . During the debate MR TRUMP ask her about the speeches she gave to wallstreet years ago she remember what she said yet when giving testimony to a federal judge she said she could not recall , she said this more then 20 times in a 25 question deposition, but giving speeches years before she remember, yeah right ! After the killing of ambassador Stevens and the people who tried to protect him , Hilery and the Obama administration lied to the American public Hilery personally lied to the parents of the people who died in BENGHAZI, Obama lied and blamed it on a VIDEO, yet months before this happen he told the American people that terrorism was being defeated , so WHEN did attack occure Sept 11 , and why the lies ? Oh it was a presidential election year and he played politics with these people lives and if the truth came out this could have cost him the election so the lies began , now why would hillery say that she admired a woman named Margaret Sanger a known racist, why did bill and hillery back a x k.k.k member for Congress robert Byrd ? Yet look at the bills he introduced to Congress some were anti black , and why would she say she supports women issues and gay issues ? When she takes money from countries that kill gays and suppress women RIGHTs , and why did she hire a private investigator to discredit these women who accused bill of sexual harassment and rape? Why did she pay off some of these women?

    4. The US is doing a really good job of taking itself down. You cannot spend more than what you make. Increasing taxes on the 1% will only encourage them to go elsewhere in the world and then what are you left with? It is already happening – do some research!

    5. You are deranged. You might try educating yourself although from your rant, spelling and grammar I doubt that you can or will. You are all seven points rolled up into one big ridiculous comment.

  35. To all of you who agree with the concept that government should be eliminated – feel free to go live in Sudan. They have none. They also have no roads, water, electricity, police, health care, economy, banking system, or any significant infrastructure of any kind. Be careful what you wish for.

  36. Wow this honestly couldn’t be more wrong… go ahead keep trying though. Too bad I have actual data and facts to back up what I say and my source is most certainly not tv.

  37. Oh and P.S. I don’t support Hillary either but did briefly. I support neither of these clowns with actual facts to support why I don’t.

  38. But I bet all these Clinton supporters commenting on this went ape shit over the leftist article…..(even the economist).

  39. For all the Hillary supporters it is sad you have no clue how dangerous she truly is. Just putting liberal judges in will mean true devastation to our country. They have already through Obama change laws that should never been allowed. They are slowly turning our country away from God. Once Hillary has her way we are done as a nation. Franklin Graham son of Billy Graham points all this out. He has not given support to either candidate. But he does point out how much worse she will be and how we all will suffer at the hands of her. You can go read this for yourself. My thoughts on Hillary are those of an honest person. She has committed more crimes and gotten away with them. Why is that? We all know Obama said 8 years ago she was not fit to be president? So what has change? She has broken more laws, turn her back on Americans she knew were about to be killed. What most people don’t know is Chris Stevens was there because of Obama and Hillary trying to pass guns ( I won’t go into specifics go look it up yourself ) through Libya ending in the hands of ISIS. Hillary lied to Congress about all of it. Hillary lied about her emails to Congress, FBI, and to every American. That’s a crime! She destroyed government documents that’s a crime. Anyone doing so by law can never hold a government job including president. Why isn’t she being prosecuted? Because Obama and Loretta Lynch refuse to do theirs. But then again Obama has his hands dirty with the gun running through Libya as well, so both would end up in prison. That will happen once Mr. Trump is elected. There are so many reason not to elect Hillary for It would take me all day and night to write about them and personally show you the proof, plus with proof in front of you you wouldn’t read it. Let’s just look at Haiti she took millions in donations for relief. Just last night I watched a film of where did the money go. You all should watch it , because they are no better off now than they were before the Clinton’s foundation took in all that money. They paid themselves very well and gave less than 1% to the Haitian people. They did give money to their friends who claimed they were going to go build homes, and so many other things. But that was a lie in the case of one man who built a condo in Florida for himself. He is in prison for that now. Others did shoddy work and the buildings and trailers turned out to be unlikable. They last reason if this doesn’t change your minds nothing will. Hillary along with the DNC said they cannot believe the amount of ignorance shown by their very own supporters! I am not a democrat or a republican but that last one was more than enough for me if you are willing to turn a blind eye to all the other corruption these people have shown. I would never vote for any person who continuously degrades the great people of the United States of America! God Bless and please pray to God to lead you all to the best choice we have at this election time! I am praying for this country and all Americans. This election is very serious so please vote!

  40. Who said trump supporters were dazzled by riches and tv star status? It takes s lot to dazzle me, and neither one of those does it. Intelligence, determination, and success. Trump has all three. Hillary seems to have two out of the three, but her lack of truthfulness and moral values negate those. As far as intelligence, for someone who has been in the government as long as her, Trump put up a good fight. Clinton has not accomplished anything during this time except for leaving a long list of scandals. If people need to be educated or reminded, look them up. Along with those, Add colluding to knock Bernie sanders out of the race, and training people to start fights at Trump rallies, and then blaming trump for inciting riots. Now, show us where to look to see where any racial remarks came out of trumps mouth. The democrats are always putting words in other people’s mouths, or just plain twisting the truth. But, nobody does it better than Hillary. I don’t believe she even knows fact from fiction anymore. She’s also very forgetful. She is constantly telling people that she doesn’t recall things all of the time. She certainly had a severe memory lapse over the illegal e-mails. Thank goodness there are still people who are going to remind her that she sent and received confidential government information. They already reminded her of the multiple devices she had, and the ones she had destroyed. That was also illegal. But then, she has powerful friends who will stick up for her because, if she goes down, so do they. She is the most corrupt person I have ever seen. She takes money from wall street and corporations, as well as other countries for favors, and did much of this when holding her government job. Hillary will raise taxes, when all we need to do is cut fat and waste. Closing our borders alone will save money. How many more people can the tax payers afford to support. What about the people who have waited for years to come here legally. And trump said that rapists and drug dealers were coming across the border ALONG WITH the other illegal aliens. The media and democrats were quick to say trump said all of them were criminals. Trump may not have worked for the government like Hillary, but at least he has accomplished something. As far as economics, you can have all of the education in the world, but if you go into certain areas, you’ll be pounded to the ground. All you are talking about is theory. Unless you have used that to build an empire, you have no argument. I don’t remember hearing that republicans didn’t want a government ( more words put in our mouth), we just want smaller government. Cut the fat and waste, and better and honest supervision. We do need to update our military. We may be bigger ( cut in half) than the next 15 countries, but Russia will end up stomping us. As far as our enemies not needing to be afraid of us, just respect us? Neither Obama or Hillary have the respect of at least Russia and Iran. Who knows who else. They don’t even have the respect of most of our own citizens. Our young are kneeling to our national anthem showing a total disrespect for those who fight for us or who have died for us. Our country is crumbling. We have people in office who don’t even believe that we have a problem with terrorism. Look at Europe. Look at the attacks we have had here. If we don’t feel protected by our own government, you can imagine how we feel about someone starting to hack into our constitution. Once there’s a break in it, the rest will be open to invasion. We’re already losing religious rights. We have a country full of people who say the unborn has no rights, even though they could live outside the womb at that point. A heart beat is life and murder ( painful murder) is a sin. So let’s not talk about Trump supporters not being Christians. Hillary has a long list of sins, and a following that scares the heck out of me. When you compare Hillary to Trump, he’s a saint. Just look back at all of the videos, and see if you can truly find anything that Trump said that was racist. Watch a video on partial birth abortions, and the

    democrats and slavery as well as the KKK. I like “the country is sitting back all fat, dumb and happy, and when the shit hits the fan, they’re all gonna have that stupid look on their faces ( not the republicans), and wonder what the hell happened, and whose gonna take care of me now?” My bet is the democrats will blame it on Bush

    1. Unless you have an empire, you dont have an argument… Well ask Bloomberg what he thinks of Trump, or Buffet, or Gates. They all support an increase of taxes as Hillary proposes. This guys are so rich that Trump is middle class compared to them. You are loosing religious rights?? How come?? Which ones? Obama might not have the respect of Russia, but it has the respect of your allies. Trump does not. You talk about Europe, and there no one wants Trump, not one in Korea either, no one wants him aside Americans.

  41. I have watched the entire election, debates, and all points in between. I have listened to Trump spout about blacks needing to take a chance on him because they have nothing to lose and how all Muslims should be banned. I especially like hearing him talk about extremist Muslim terrorists. He cites Orlando and SAN Bernadine as examples. Ok, what about the whites that have done the mass murders? Are they not terrorists? Why isn’t he calling them out? Is it because that would mean that some of his supporters could potentially be classified as violent or have those same tendencies? Would love to hear your take on this.

    1. All the whites who commit mass shootings do it because they are anti-social pill poppers who think life is not fair and that they are some sort of social victim. Muslims who commit mass shootings do it because their religious leaders tell them to, as death to all non-believers being a key part of their religion. Have you even READ the Quran? The brutal literature in that book is enough to make one wonder the mental stability of the insane, perverted sociopath who wrote that book to begin with. Besides, if you make a list of all the mass shooters since Columbine, the list of non-whites will be longer than the list of whites. So your point is moot anyways.

      1. The bible says pretty fucked up things as well. And you think that those that kill in the name of religion are not as well social victims? Usually no one wakes up and decides to go and start a holy war. They are people that always belong to very specific and vulnerable groups, and religion is a very good tool to make them do what you want. And no, many of the white shooters are usually cristians and many times racist or similar.

      2. Luis: True Christianity per the bible – Killing is a sin. True Islam per the Quran – Killing will get you into heaven.

      3. USVSTHEM: If you’re comment is a misguided attempt at trying to correct grammar which is already correct given the context of the word used, you need to go back to school.

    2. And what white Trump supporters have killed people ? Its amazing its on video the “anarchists” who support a woman who violated federal espionage statutes and paid the hierarchy of the FBI to look the other way, plotting and carrying out assaults and her followers refuse to acknowledge actual footage. Since you’re so bright go read the federal statutes on espionage ( they’re online) and question and pursue why the FBI didn’t issue a single subpoena or search warrant in their “investigation”. You can’t begin squat without them. Read up on Comey and now McCabe both monetarily involved with Clinton Foundation donors and supporters. I think you will realize you’ve been duped. Anyone who votes for a woman who not only admitted she wasn’t bright enough to distinguish a classified document and then lied about passing and deleting them over her illegal server, allows her staff who had no security clearance to do the same, destroyed evidence with the help of the FBI, and the FBI gives her staff immunity up front well, they’re just too stupid for words.

  42. Clearly written from an alt right perspective. Also very wrong. I love how you accuse ALL of us of saying we paint all Trump supporters with the same stamp of bigoted, misogynistic classless, etc. then you do the same. You’re dead wrong here. I happen to have many friends who are Trump supporters that are not racist, mysogynistic, etc. While I don’t get their fascination with him, it’s their choice.

    Frankly I feel bad for the Republican party. Most are perfectly nice, normal people. Then there are the tea partiers who began the destruction of the party. Donald trump just came in with his misogyny, racism, extreme narcissism, etc and managed to cull the dregs of society out of their holes and into the general public. Now we have a real mess. While on an overseas trip a month ago we were talking to people from several countries and they were all stymied that the people of this nation took Trump seriously enough that he’d made it through the primaries. He’s seen as a joke, we are a laughingstock.

    I’m not an economist but had to take economics in college as part of my program. I’ve also been alive long enough to see how both Rep and Dem economic policies affect our economy. That doesn’t require classes, just common sense. During Bill Clinton’s years in office he not only slashed the huge debt he’d inherited but managed to create a surplus! Then George Bush took over and though he alone was not responsible for the collapse of the economy, when Barack Obama took office there was again massive debt. So called trickle down economics that was put in place by Bush and the Republicans only benefits the rich….like Trump. And Hillary only wants to raise taxes on people making $250,000+. Most normal people are not making that so it won’t affect most of us. If you’re making that much you can afford a little more. Frankly I’m sick and tired of paying extra taxes every year. I have my employer take out extra federal taxes, my husband’s employer takes them out and we still end up paying a lot more when we file. This year we still owed over $2,000!! Freaking Trump is a billionaire and is ripping us off not paying federal taxes so people like us in the middle class get royally screwed! The same goes foe big businesses and the other wealthy. Their economic plan gives loopholes and tax breaks that don’t help us little people. For instance, the capital gains taxthat the rich whine about. They don’t like it but they make the middle class cry foul by making us think we will be taxed heavily by selling investments. But the reality is that it will only hurt us if we clear $125,000 (single) or $250,00 (married) in profit and most of us don’t!!!

    Per this – (“You are an insider, a statist, a corporatist, a fascist, a socialist, or a communist.”) I’m none of the above you freaking moron. Don’t assume you know the first thing about me or the majority of Hillary’s supporters.

    Per this also pathetically inaccurate quote – (You are unable to objectively analyze consequences of actions, and instead prefer to support what “looks good,” or “feels right” ) and you went on to whine about raising the minimum wage. While I don’t think someone needs to be making $15 an hourly flipping burgers at McDonalds, I do agree that the minimum should be increased. People are working their asses off the survive below the poverty level. I also believe that people that don’t work but are receiving things like welfare, foodstamps and medicaid should be mandated to work or volunteer 20 hours a week if they are physically able. National healthcare, if run right, would be great bit Obamacare would bw fine with some tweaks. We don’t use it but many of my patients do. Most developed countries have aome form of national healthcare. In Canada it used to be funded via an extra sales tax so everyone paid into it. I’m not sure how they do it now.

    Hillary, nor I, support genocide. And while there are a number of abortions yearly, if there were funding enough for the necessary education (NOT abstonence only) and provision of cheap or free birth control, those numbers would decrease. Insofar as those relatively rare ones that occur after the first trimester, they’re almost always because there is an issue with the baby or mom medically. And they DONT rip it out of you. They deliver it. Get educated people. I hope you’re never that parent who learns their fetus has anencephaly or something else equally as deadly and heartbreaking.

    Oh and as to thinking blacks and Hispanics are helpless. Surely you jest. Where do you get these ridicilous ideas? And where did the term super predator come from? I’ve never heard of it. Oh, and by the way, back in the day, today’s Dems were yesterday’s Reps and vice versa.

    You’re right, I don’t have a Econ degree. But I do have 2 degree s, one in the legal field and one in the medical field. So I’m not some stupid hick you can manipulate . I don’t glean my facts from Fox , MSNBC, CNN , memes, etc. I know how to research and find legitimate information. Your first paragraph being incorrect invalidated the rest for me.

    Your diatribe in #7 was the clincher. Typical Trump bullshit. You are blathering what you apparently are. I can tell you that you’re not describing the Dems I know. You’re describing the Donald dregs.

    In Trump’s words for #s 1-7 …wrong. And I hope you had a good time with your thesaurus.

    To address Max – we are not a nation controlled by God, Christianity or Billy Graham. We have a guaranteed freedom of religion. We can practice any religion we please, or none if we so choose. The government is not run on religious principles as that could infringe on peoples’ rights.

    Lastly, for the gun toters out there… If you honestly believe that Hillary can just take your guns, you seriously need to go back to elementary school and study government. I know better than to worry about mine.

    Don’t you see that many of you are being mind controlled by a bunch of rich white guys causing paranoid hysteria over abortion, guns and other things? And they even have many of you thinking it’s okay to use position to sexually intimidate and control women. It’s a sad society we are becoming.

    I’ve already voted. I voted for sanity. I voted for capaability. I voted for a leader. It matters not whom I voted for.

    1. Right on! The different between this article and the article it copies is that the other article had researched evidence posted within, and it was written with facts instead of pure, childish namecalling. That’s the one thing that REALLY troubles me about Trumpeteers: their complete and total ignorance to a need for factual statements. I always thought there were some ignorant people out there, but turns out it’s like 40% of Americans who are total morons. It’s truly mystifying.

  43. The overwhelming majority of African-Americans and Hispanics support Clinton. This means that, according to point 5, the author believes that the overwhelming majority of African-Americans and Hispanics think that African-Americans and Hispanics are inferior, and that they support mass genocide. Essentially, argues the author, the overwhelming majority of African-Americans and Hispanics are the real racists.

    It truly is a mystery why conservatives aren’t doing better attracting African-American and Hispanic supporters.

    1. Are you saying blacks and Hispanics aren’t racist? My wife is Mexican, and I don’t go to family get-togethers because the family and guests look down on me for being white, and give my wife shit for not marrying another one of their own because they don’t want her future kids to be anything other than 100% Mexican blood. Same thing with church — we no longer go to her church because all the Hispanic church-goers gossip about us. It’s sickening, and does put a strain on our marriage because her family is still very important to her.

      1. Are you absolutely sure the reason they don’t like you is because you’re white? There may be other reasons you’re not considering.

  44. Let me see, you’ve done all your homework? Now all of a sudden it appears that Trump is worse than Killery because of a comment he made? Or lost a billion dollars in a year? Please, call the police and put him prison for a law he didn’t break? I don’t have a college degree in anything, however, I can tell by some comments on here, there really is such thing as an educated fool!

  45. I really just can’t figure out how anybody could vote Hillary after her track her reacord,lies, deceit, hell she even told stories of how she went to Bagdad and the we’re under fire and had to run for their lives when they got off the helicopter……. so much bull shit out of her mouth and you can’t see that all she does is tell you what you want to hear,she is not interested in anything but her own agenda she is going to flush this country down the drain just by not doing anything.She is pure evil for our country.Trump may not be the best we can offer but he is willing to try to make things better for Americans and this country.Change has to be now before it is to late.

  46. If Hillary wins we must get the house and Senate a majority Republican to keep her in check. 😠😠😠😠I WILL NOT FOLLOW IF HILLARY WINS😠😠😠😠😠

  47. “If You Tell Me You Are Supporting Hillary, I Already Know Seven Things About You – 1. You don’t understand basic economics.”

    I am pretty sure there are many people that run businesses, that know economics inside out and that are successful based on their “basic” knowledge of economics that are voting for Hillary. First point and it is already discrediting the rest of the article when roughly 55% of NABE (National Association for Business Economics ) Economists will be supporting Hillary’s plan as opposed the Trumps (14%)

    Why read on…but I did, and will happily discredit the rest of them as well but this was my favorite: “5. You think blacks and Hispanics are inferior, and you support mass genocide.”

    Hillary voters support mass genocide? That is a tall building you must have jumped off of to make that assumption.

  48. HAVE ANY OF YOU READ how the ILUMINATTI was formed and by whom? That should give you an explanation of what they are after and, why the USA is in the mess it is now.

  49. This is an amazing example of projecting. Trump supporters are so good at this. Everything they are, everything they do wrong or know not enough about – they call out someone else for it, whether or not it makes any sense. This article is absolute idiotic bullshit. I feel stupider for having read it.

  50. I don’t trust any of the statistics put out by either candidate group. Look at what happened in Brexit. The statistics were saying one thing and the result was astonishing. Wouldn’t it be something if they find a way for a third term for Obama? There have been some explanations given in Youtube, even some Fox guests, have made suggestions. No matter which way…quoting D.
    Trump: “It’s a Disaster”.

  51. This article is total bullshit. Please explain how tax breaks for corporations hurt poor people? Eisenhower, a republican, raised taxes to 90% on the wealthiest people and created the strongest economy in US history. Bush give a 3% tax break to the wealthy and cut regulations…how did that work out for you? He created the worst economy since the great depression. Bernie Sanders is not a socialist, he is a democratic socialist and if you don’t know the difference you are a fucking uneducated moron. I could point out several other flaws in your unresearched and poorly written collection of drivel but I have other shit to do like run my business and pay taxes. You should get a real job and move out of your moms basement.

  52. If higher wages are bad for the poor, Lower wages must be good???? Before you respond with how companies are incentivized to leave MERICA for cheaper labor which screws the working class based on wage discrepancies in foreign countries, please let me educate you. We pay shit tons of taxes to subsidize this low rate. Keeping people poor is big business. It allows large corporations to maximize profits. People gotta eat and have shelter, hence all the damn welfare that we as taxpayers have to Pay for. Minimum wages and the taxes placed on us are intertwined. You know who doesn’t pay for shit like that. Hint: he’s running for office. Donald has been building his empire with the cheapest labor he can and on top of that he hasn’t been paying his taxes. Then these poor folks can’t make ends meet and apply for government sponsored subsidies and we pay for it. I hate welfare, and I hate taxes, but a decent living wage is not the problem.

  53. “Obscure liberal arts?” Ha, first of all, all three of your examples are social science disciplines (same as economics is). And communications and anthropology are both sought after by businesses, and considered strong degrees to precede a MBA.

  54. The lame assertion of low minimum wage again. Why is this so hard for you? Minimum wage earners do not support an economy. This idea that corporations are paying as much as they can afford rather than as little as they can get away with is naive and stupid. And calling us bigots because we don’t support your self-granted right to base public policy on your hate and paranoia. I’ll point to marriage equality and your “religious freedom to treat gay citizens like garbage” if you need even one example.

  55. “We’re already losing religious rights.” said a poster up there. Nonsense. He simply means the right to treat gay American citizens like garbage. Sorry, sir, if you were being restricted from doing right and being kind, I’d be behind you 100%. But what you want is awful. I won’t help you.

  56. To the person who asked “And what white Trump supporters have killed people?”, I say wait for it. I fear that if/when Trump loses, there will be violence. I have seen the rage of the worst of the gun rights gang, and I’m horrified. On a more sarcastic note, how often is a freshly arrested murderer asked “So tell me, who do you support in the 2016 election?”

    1. So your response to Trump supporters not killing people is a scare mongering fear tactic by saying “they haven’t killed…. but they WILL”. That’s like a feminist saying all men will eventually rape. Let’s not forget that pretty much all the shooters we hear about in the media have been known to lean toward the liberal Democratic left.

  57. M. L. Wilt, you left out on thing about being unfit to run out country! Hillary Clinton has been bought by our enemies, (those countries who hate us, I dumbed it down for you) Now common sense tells us if someone is giving you money you owe them a service, what do you think that service will be? I’m sure she is not selling herself because she received way too much for that. Please get a clue!

    1. I know what an enemy is, but thanks anyway. May I trouble you for the names of these enemies who have bought Mrs Clinton? I am sure you have evidence of this purchase and not just throwing out wild accusations.

  58. I have read every word of every reply to this article. Doing simple math, I have calculated that 62.4% of this is bullshit… The sky is not falling children. It’s simply just time to get to work on repairing the problems that need to be delt with. This happens periodically in a society such as ours. There is no perfect solution… Mr. Trump is not the Anti-Christ that the prophets warned us about, and Mrs Clinton is not Satin… although they both bear similarities. America is a strong and resilient country. We bend, we flex, and we are most certainly capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture. The question I hear most is “When will this madness end?” The correct answer is never… We’ll get through this election,we always do. We just don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  59. The logic and common sense was missing in this article – it was essentially an opinion piece attacking others’ opinions.

  60. To those to who say trump is a great businessman. Do you even know how he runs his businesses? He doesnt. He runs his businesses into the ground and then lets someone buy it for all of its worthlessness and declares bankruptsy and move to the next bullshit thing to ruin. Thats his motto. Thats his way. Thats how hes gonna run the country. Hes gonna put blame on other people for his faults and yes he has alot of faults, he will then try to declare bankruptcy for the U.S. and start WW3 in order to make the country profitable again. Yes. War makes the U.S. rich. Thats his schtick. What a d-bag

  61. This is so completely ignorant. So you support Trump, then? How about I write up an article stating that you are “an insider, a statist, a
    corporatist, a fascist, a socialist, or a communist”? How much shit do you think I would get for spewing this blatant hatred? You are exactly what is wrong with society.

    People, I don’t care who you are voting for. If you respect my right to my own opinion and don’t insult me for it, I’ll award you the same respect. That is called being a human being.

  62. So where are your sources and research on this? I see nothing cited and quite a few accusations being thrown around… probably a big reason you are “writing” for this site instead of a credible media source… honestly this looks like a high school paper you decided to write after talking with your drunk uncle.

  63. ML Wilt, what rock are you living under?? She is the most crooked politician that has ever lived and I am disgusted with our pathetic FBI for cowering down to her. She should have already been tried and prosecuted for treason. The list of her criminal behavior is seemingly endless. Her power is her money and she didn’t come by that legally either. She is a pathological liar who lies about her lies. You Hillary supporters need to wake up. Trump may not be a great choice but he’s a much better choice than her.

  64. As a non-Hillary supporter, just letting you know that people would take your writing much more seriously if you took a much less patronizing approach in your writing.

  65. The U.S. is in a sad state of affairs. We seem to discard the important issues and dwell on how to take away the rights the constitution has provided us. We do not heed the forefather’s warnings and we have become numb to horrible acts of violence. Many of the newer generations run from obligations; including their own children. We have forgotten kindness and most of all…charity.

    Being from the older generation, I remember many things that happened because people stood up for the rights of the American people; including my own grandfather who lost parts of his body in WWII. There were those who gave up their very lives to give us the freedoms we have been afforded.

    Could you imagine a U.S. that is not free? Where your very freedoms to worship, or not worship, is gone? A place where you have no voice? A place where the government decides who lives and who dies? How many of you would choose a life of government intervention over freedom to make choices that are even simple.

    I know what has happened over the years. I have been watching, praying, crying, cheering and fighting oppression of the people by their own government.

    If you don’t like the choices being made for you, it’s time to cut the ties that have us all bound…to pay outrageous amounts to politicians that serve themselves rather then those who have put them in office.

    We better fight the system before the system takes over; then all we have left are the memories of what could have been.

    I would like to see Reagan or JFK running, but they are gone. We do have one hope. That hope is Trump. He is many things that I may not like, but he is NOT a politician. He is a man, with faults like the rest of us. But he is not tied to the bunch of politicians that are taking us down; one freedom at a time.

    Please consider the alternative before you make your choice.

    Thanks for your time!

  66. i vote to not re-elect any politician who is currently in office .i also think that congress and senate should be limited term.

  67. Re: higher taxes,
    Higher minimum wage, universal healthcare, government supported higher education, I give you Canada (where I live) and Scandinavia. Thank goodness our leaders know nothing about economics or business or taxes so that they could provide us with all these things and (based on many objective measures) a much better quality of life and healthier population. It must be a miracle that I know ‘nothing about business’ despite running a successful business for over 20 years. I’ll pick the Hillary version of ‘ignorance’ over Trump any day!

    1. So why do Canadians come here for better medical care then? The fact of the matter is u should get paid for doing a better job than somebody else? All this equal money equal pay is bullshit. I do think that things need to be changed, altered and fixed. I’m not acting like I even know the best way to do it because I don’t. But I do know I will leave those decisions to the citizens of America ya know the people’s opinions that actually matter here. You and your opinion are irreleveant.

      1. You have it backwards, Americans go to Canada for healthcare. There may be a few special cases where new/experimental procedures may only be available at certain US clinics, but the general trend is go to Canada for healthcare, not the other way around

    2. So why do Canadians come here for better medical care then? The fact of the matter is u should get paid for doing a better job than somebody else? All this equal money equal pay is bullshit. I do think that things need to be changed, altered and fixed. I’m not acting like I even know the best way to do it because I don’t. But I do know I will leave those decisions to the citizens of America ya know the people’s opinions that actually matter here. You and your opinion are irreleveant.

  68. Allison, glad you are in Canada and can’t vote in America or you would be part of what’s wrong with this country, ignorance is bliss

  69. You know, the trope of “anybody who disagrees with me on economic policy doesn’t understand economics” thing is getting really old. You rightwingers don’t really understand economics, but you’re very good at being useful idiots for big companies that like lower taxes and less regulation. For the millionth time, higher minimum wages help working people. They have literally in every developed country that has implemented them. Yes, prices go up a little, but really profits just go down a little. Prices don’t go up linearly. It’s absurd that people work full-time jobs and can’t feed their families, and it’s even more absurd that you people pretend like those people aren’t there because you believe in the ridiculous notion that the “free market” will somehow fix everything. Also, despite your smugness, you appear to have absolutely no idea what a communist or a socialist is. Probably you read “The Road to Serfdom” or something equally vacuous and proved wrong by history and decided you were smarter than everybody else. In the end, though, no matter how condescending you are, you’re still wrong.

    1. If pricing only goes up a little, why do we need to raise the min wage? One chases the other, if you raise pricing, people scream they need more wage to afford things. So then they raise the wage, then pricing goes up requiring another wage hike. It’s been happening this way for years, otherwise we wouldn’t need to keep raising the wage would we? If people stop buying, AKA, “can’t afford”, prices must drop or sales don’t happen. Why is this so hard for some people to understand???

      1. If working people have more income to spend that will only boost the economy. It’s very important to raise the minimum wage in order to boost wages for everybody.

      2. Michael, how can people have more income to boost the economy when they either get laid-off or reduced hours due to an increase in paid wages? Employers have to do what they can to keep the overhead from going up.

    2. … but raising the minimum wage will result in less working people because many businesses can no longer afford to keep them employed, and less full-time workers because businesses can no longer afford to keep them on health insurance.

  70. Hmmmm how many economists believe Trump’s economic plan is better? Any evidence that tax cuts, along h lines that Trump s supporting, with or without massive spending cuts reduce the deficit? Can ou explain how Trump will bring God paying jobs lost to low wage countries back? We ha e seen manufacturing come back to the US, but those factories are highly automated.

    Those who label people such as commits, elitist so, fascists, are typically too lazy to have adul conversations on serious issues.

  71. Look at the triggered leftists… when facts elude them, and logic isn’t an option, they just start with the personal insults. Let’s clear this up…

    First, Canada’s healthcare is not even close to on par with treatment available in the US. The reason the “ranking” is low is because politicians align with pharmaceutical companies, which price life saving drugs through the roof. We also have failed policies such as Obamacare, which is soon to be repealed if it doesn’t implode on itself first. If you think the actual treatment offered is better anywhere in the world than it is in the US, you have zero idea about the issue. It’s also an issue when you provide people with programs like food stamps and Medicaid, which allow them to work part time high school level jobs while having children they can’t support.

    Second, checks and balances have always existed, and wages are balanced with prices very precisely. Higher wages lead to higher costs to produce and sell items, which lead to higher prices for the consumer. Comparing third world countries to people making $8 an hour in the US is asinine, and proves you have no real knowledge of the economy. It also doesn’t factor in that there is no economy in the world as complex as the US, and what works for other countries does not always work here. I also find it sad that people ask “how?” when Google clearly exists. The truth is out there… 20 keystrokes away.

    The article, while somewhat sensational, is about as accurate as a slander piece can get. The left is nothing more than a group of half assed social justice warriors that require safe spaces and breed more intolerance than the KKK and Black Panthers have in their entire history. Sheep led to the slaughter, while the rest of America awaits your destruction and a return to normalcy.

  72. Someone paid to post this rant of judging people?

    #maga ….like Atlantic City…. lose a billion a year…. gambling.

    Pack your bags, your family, kids, loved ones, friends….. These dopes want to put a bullshit artist in the pilot seat of a plane he can’t fly. We’re all gonna laugh when the clown cries about the loss too. People want to run with the bad boy…. but will think twice at the booth.

  73. I had to read 3 whole sentences before a realized you were am idiot. Nice try though. At least you got Mr to open this ridiculous article.

  74. You could add:
    If you are gay you are most likely a liberal. -Want gay Marriage.
    If you are black you are most likely a liberal. -Want to keep their welfare.
    If you are Latino you are most likely a liberal. -Want ilegals to stay.
    If you are in a union you are most likely a Liberal. -Want unsustainable contracts.
    Single issue voters are the scourge of America.

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