Support Antifa’s Anti-Milo Riot? Surprise! You’re a Fascist

Do you support Antifa? If you do, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re a full blown fascist. For those who don’t know, Antifa is short for anti-fascist, and members purport to oppose fascism in all its forms. Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right, KKK – these folks are attacked, often violently, and without abandon by the Antifa.

Now I can’t say I’m against opposition to the KKK or neo-Nazis, but the line is crossed when Antifa seeks to oppress these people through attacks on their freedom of speech. Whenever Antifa members try to prevent others from saying things they disagree with – this is fascism by definition. What’s worse, recently Antifa members have been engaging in violence and rioting in an attempt to get others to conform to their worldview. Both elements are staples of a truly fascist movement. Confused millennials and even some older folks think fascism can only be right wing because Google says so, not realizing that “right wing” is used to mean authoritarian in a broader sense, and not knowing that Google and other tech companies have an overwhelming liberal bias.

They also seem to conveniently forget that the Nazi party was socialist by definition, and more “left” than “right” with respect to today’s definition within the U.S. Today’s left in the U.S. supports big government, and supports collectivism. The right in the U.S. today is associated with classical liberalism and they clearly support individualism and freedom above collectivism. Beyond that, it boils down to nationalism, xenophobia and authoritarianism. I think we can agree the left is more authoritarian these days (oppressing free speech, using violence to silence the opposition), and more nationalistic when you consider their liberal worldview as a nation of its own. The debate really boils down to xenophobia and bigotry. While I think the right may appear more xenophobic to some on the left (I disagree with the term, but understand why they believe this), the modern left is no doubt today’s wing of intense bigotry.

Things get worse, however, when you consider Antifa seeks to attack, suppress and destroy the Alt-Right movement as well (whatever that is) in exactly the same way. The label “alt-right” can mean so many things, but to me it’s simply a movement of mostly young libertarians, former Democrats, and Republicans who seek to end the corruption in Washington and within the mainstream media. They’re sick of politics as usual, and turn to folks like President Trump to save them from what they see as the crumbling of our moral and economic society.

They’re tired of being propagandized by the old mainstream media, and they seek to return the power of government back to the people. They’re patriotic, but not even remotely hyper-nationalistic. In fact, one could argue their love for country is healthy, while the Antifa romanticize their “ideal homogenized leftist America” in an unhealthy fashion – almost prescribing a life itself to the latest hyper vigilant leftist movement. Antifa’s brand of hyper nationalism stems from their desire to cleanse America into their leftist vision. Sound familiar? It should. Hitler did the exact same thing.

The riots at UC Berkeley tonight scream fascism. Milo Yiannopoulos had to cancel yet another speech due to violence and extreme hatred. Milo, a proudly gay conservative half Jewish man who might be one of the least racist people out there (for reasons I won’t get into), is being suppressed by Antifa because they don’t like when he uses the word “fat.” In reality, they don’t like what he represents. He represents a huge threat to their worldview. How could someone with Milo’s background have such a distorted worldview when compared to their own. How could he support Donald Trump when they’ve been told that Trump is literally Hitler? These are the problems the marginalized left, and Antifa face today. Worse off for them, other young people from all walks of life are beginning to drop this ludicrous leftist worldview in droves. Those who remain on the left know it – and it scares them to death.

It scares them so much, they are becoming real-life fascists, all in the name of “anti-fascism.” I don’t use that word lightly, the Antifa movement really is the new Nazi party. Stay safe everyone. Carry a gun.