Calling Milo a White Nationalist or White Supremacist Is Fake News

Ever since Milo Yiannopoulos’s UC Berkeley event was cancelled amid violent riots, dishonest mainstream media outlets have referred to him as a “white nationalist” or a “white supremacist.” Other, more legitimate publications have since retracted the statement, but some have not.

To any publication which continues to refer to Mr. Yiannopoulos as a white nationalist, you are regressive fake news. Cut it out. Not only are you reporting fake news (and committing libel?), but your deliberate attempt to discredit Milo as something so despicable is dangerous. Dangerous because it spurs on the same violent rioters that assaulted people last week, and dangerous because it continues a precedent of left-wing regressive media labeling any legitimate and intelligent opposition as “deplorable.”

By all means, continue doing this. Continue calling Milo a white nationalist, and see how many people show up at his next event. Watch as his book continues to dominate the Amazon bestseller list (it reached #1 shortly after the Berkeley riots). Enjoy four more years of a Donald Trump presidency, and enjoy watching as the alt-right expands into an even more massive movement, especially among Millennials and Generation Z.

I’m doing you a favor by telling you to stop calling Milo a white supremacist. Milo Yiannopoulos says stuff you don’t like. We get it. He’s also a homosexual Jewish immigrant with a preference for dating black men. Unfortunately for you, he doesn’t match the description of “Christian straight white American male” – an archetype which has been a doormat for regressives for years. Milo is an enigma, and he is a threat to you and your failed ideology. Worse for you, his witty and charming speeches are bringing other LGBTQ, immigrant and minority millennials into the alt-right movement at a furious pace. Identity politics doesn’t work anymore. We live in the era of Trump. The era of Milo. The era of the alt-right, and the end of the era of political correctness and of the regressive left. You lost. Milo and “daddy” Trump won. Face it.

If you want Milo to continue winning – by all means – continue calling him a white supremacist. And for the love of god – if you still don’t understand why this is a problem – read this article by Matt Teitelbaum at the Huffington Post (of all places), and watch this video by Dave Rubin.