‘Resident Evil 7’ Review: A Thrilling, Terrifying New Direction for the Classic Horror Series

Resident Evil 7 is a triumphant return for a troubled franchise, with only a few nagging missteps keeping it from greatness. The quietly bland protagonist of Resident Evil VII fades from existence within the first minutes of the game due to the franchise adopting a first-person perspective. The moment you step up to the gates of the Dulvey estate, you’re the one watching for predators. There is an unnerving rattle of the chain locking you out; it’s a hollow sound, too loud for the grave-like silence that permeates your heavily wooded surroundings. The house stares down at you with quiet malice. From that moment, it’s clear that Resident Evil 7 is going to be different. This isn’t the high concept horror of an action hero braving hordes of shambling corpses, but the seedy dread of hidden atrocities. Every step of your exploration will be laced with that same feeling of constant wrongness, of mortal danger from which you are never more than temporarily hidden. Resident Evil 7 stalks you. The shift to first-person surpasses the level of dread that the fixed perspective camera of previous Resident Evil entries used to. Rather than the meta-game feeling of paranoia due to clumsy controls and an artificially restricted view