Evening MAGAThread – ThrowFORWARD Thursday Edition

Hey centipedes, WarOfTheFanboys here: the only mod with a master's degree in shitposting. This was originally supposed to be a Throwback Thursday thread, but another mod nicked my idea with a "Nostalgia Monday" post, so I said to myself fine, I'll make it a ThrowFORWARD Thursday. Instead of rehashing retro memes like a bunch of blue-haired hipsters, today we're going to check out memes FROM THE FUTURE.

What will the memes of tomorrow look like? Some scientists speculate that as compression technology advances, the jpegs that store our memes can decrease 10% in filesize with only a 50% loss of legibility. Wow! Many astronomers believe that we could receive signs of the first alien memes within our lifetimes. They already have their satellites pointed towards distant stars scanning for dankness. Memeologists expect domestic meme populations to explode over the next eight years. This comes after officially removing memes from the endangered watchlist on inauguration day. They couldn't have done it without our help. So please, let us look to this new and exciting future that lay ahead of us.

What will the huffpost headlines look like?

Will robots continue to replace jobs?

Are there any good movies coming out?

I invite my fellow pedes to dream about what our memes will look like after the wall, after Trump wins the 2020 election, after America is made great again… All the way to 40,000AD when Trump negotiates galactic peace with the Alpha Centaurians! Best futuristic memer wins a rare "Future Pede" flair.


Our songs for tomorrow, brought to us by a very special Pence:

Warp 11 – Jim Beam Me Up

Star One – Intergalactic Space Crusaders

Deltron 3030 – 3030

Worm Is Green – Electron John

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