Geraldo Rivera: ‘Nordstrom’s Stabbed Ivanka in the Back’

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” network regular Geraldo Rivera blasted department store retailer Nordstrom’s for dropping the Ivanka Trump brand and recalled how excited the company had been when they and Rivera worked with the brand on the Celebrity Apprentice. Co-host Ebony Williams stated that Rivera has worked with both Ivanka Trump on “The Apprentice” and Nordstrom before asking him to speak to tweets he had sent out on Wednesday. Rivera responded, “I think Nordstrom’s stabbed Ivanka in the back. I think what they did was really low down and dirty. I was on Celebrity Apprentice the President’s last season of the hit, prime time program and one of the tasks was Ivanka, we had to set up a shop to sell Ivanka shoes and Nordstrom’s was all over it, they were psyched about being in business with Ivanka.” “I totally do not buy this excuse that her sales are suffering,” he continued. “They were using Ivanka to set up, I think it was the first Nordstrom’s in Manhattan if I’m not mistaken, in that new Hudson Yards development over there. And she was going to be the anchor of the retail side of it. She’s got