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It's no secret that for many, many months we have been living history, in what surely must be the absolute BEST timeline. We've watched as time after time after time, the naysayers insisting "surely this time Trump will be stumped!" were proven #Wrong. How is this possible? How can one man be so very prescient? How does he always seem to know what the other side's next move will be? How does he always seem to be 7 moves ahead, you might ask? Is President Trump a time traveler or something??

Of all the conspiracy theories I've ever heard, "Trump has a time machine!" might not be the craziest. President Trump's uncle, Dr. John G. Trump, an electrical engineer, physicist and expert on microwave radar, joined the newly formed National Defense Research Committee ("NDRC") in 1940, as technical aide to Karl Compton, President of MIT and the Chairman of the Radar Division. In 1942, Trump became Secretary of the Microwave Committee, a sub-committee of the NDRC. The head of the Microwave Committee was Alfred Lee Loomis, the millionaire physicist, who decided to create a laboratory: MIT's Radiation Laboratory ("Rad Lab"). Dr. Trump was the man the FBI tasked with the review of Tesla's effects after his death in 1943. The FBI files on Nikola Tesla are online in the FBI Vault reading room. Dr. Trump's report can be found in part 3, starting on page 39.

Who knows what Dr. Trump found in those papers and devices? He was a member of perhaps the greatest generation of scientists in modern times; the work he and his colleagues did directly contributed to bringing about the end of WWII, and laid the foundation for much of we rely on today, everything from radar to nuclear imaging. Given the extreme wartime levels of secrecy and compartmentalization around the types of things the Rad Lab was working on at the time, would Dr. Trump really have disclosed every intricate detail of Tesla's works to the FBI? It's highly unlikely that any FBI agent would have had the clearance necessary for viewing this information (think in terms of today's SAP / SCI classifications – compartmentalization is how the Manhattan Project was kept under wraps as long as it was), nor the technical expertise to even fully understand it. Dr. Trump's synopsis of his findings seem a bit on the vague side; perhaps even a bit "move along, nothing to see here" even? We may never know the whole story. But if the day ever comes when we find out that we were right about the time traveler thing all along, I'm not going to be surprised. And neither will any of the many Pences.

It's difficult to do this fascinating and complex subject justice here, but with all the extra hours you've gained by eschewing the media's propaganda pig-shit lagoon, you should check out some of the books I've listed below. The science and technology of the WWII era is fascinating stuff, my friends, and a perfect example of the awesome power of people united by a singular desire to do great things for the greatest number. For the men of Dr. Trump's time, it was to save the world from the ravages and horrors of WWII and the NAZI regime, and to pioneer other advances in technology that would save countless lives around the world. Sounds a bit like us in a way (minus, you know, the huge leaps in technology, the heroic and brave sacrifices on the actual battlefield, etc.), here in this finest of domreddits: we've come together from everywhere, people of every stripe and kind, for one beautiful, singular reason: to Make America Great Again!

I invite any of you who had relatives who were part of the Manhattan Project or the Rad Lab, were involved in USAAC / USAAF / USAF radar before and during WWII and/or who participated in any of the nuclear tests conducted by the United States between 1945 and 1970(ish) to DM me if you'd like me to look up your relative!! I have a huge library on this subject, mountains of documents, tons of online sources and archives and spent years doing intensive research. If you've ever been curious about a relative's military service in WWII, I might be able to point you in the right direction. I would love to help a fellow 'pede discover new things!!

Ermagerd, Berks!
* "Tuxedo Park" by Jennet Conant
* "Endless Frontier: Vannevar Bush, Engineer of the American Century" by G. Pascal Zachary
* "The Invention that Changed the World" by Robert Buderi
* "The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington" by Jennet Conant

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