The Truth About Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer

You’ve been lied to. The mainstream “fake news” media has labeled each of these individuals as nazis, nationalistic, white supremacist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and of course, racist. The truth is, only Richard Spencer would classify as any of the above. Miller, Bannon and Yiannopoulos are none of these. I’ll define each of them as briefly as possible below:

Milo Yiannopoulos – An extremely intelligent, witty, charming and proud homosexual with a preference for dating black men. He is a British immigrant, a free speech fundamentalist, and an outspoken and inflammatory critic of Islamic extremism and the radical regressive left. He is a peace-loving, America-loving, Trump-loving, author and fashionista, and an extraordinary fact-based debater. Milo is generally polite but can be crude and direct when attacked, and he is unequivocally non-violent. Comments Milo made during a 2015 interview with Joe Rogan were taken out of context in order to label him as someone who condones pedophilia – this despite his long history of outspoken advocacy against pedophilia, and despite his personal experience as a victim, not a perpetrator, of pedophilia. Milo fits none of the labels above, and he is discernibly opposed to pedophilia. He is 33 years old.

Stephen Miller – An extremely intelligent, brash, un-charismatic outspoken and inflammatory critic of Islamic extremism and the radical regressive left. He is an America-loving, Trump-supporting, politician and activist and an extraordinary fact-based debater. Stephen is direct in his manner, and appears to be unequivocally non-violent. He is well known for his high school and college antics and his outspoken political ideology, and he’s now a senior advisor to President Donald Trump. Stephen fits none of the labels above. Stephen is 31 years old.

Steve Bannon – An extremely intelligent, highly successful former banker, businessman, filmmaker and politician. He is the son of a pro-Kennedy Irish Catholic Democrat family, and he was an officer in the United States Navy. Steve met Andrew Breitbart in 2004, and became executive chair of Breitbart News LLC after Andrew’s untimely death. He subsequently took a role as chief executive of Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, and now serves as chief strategist and senior counselor to President Trump. Bannon is a major critic of the regressive left, and a major critic of the corrupt establishment within politics and other powerful organizations. He is decidedly non-violent, and he fits none of the labels above. Steve is 63 years old.

Richard Spencer – A nationalistic identitarian who claims to reject white supremacy, but makes light of Nazi salutes at his rallies and calls for peaceful ethnic and cultural homogenization. He is the only person on this list who matches any of the labels above based on his prior and current conduct. His views are regularly denounced by the likes of Yiannopoulos, Bannon, Miller and others. Spencer occasionally attends events thrown by Milo but without Milo’s invitation, and he briefly knew Stephen Miller while both attended Duke University. Spencer is 38 years old.

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