Susan Rice Unmasked Michael Flynn

Unquestionably the biggest political story since Watergate, it has been revealed that Obama appointee Susan Rice was directly responsible for unmasking Michael Flynn. In no uncertain terms, this is a criminal act committed by a former White House staff member for purely political reasons, and possibly even at the request of former president Barack Obama. It’s criminal, because it was done for political reasons.

We know this – because the unmasking was done with zero intelligence benefit, and because the spying was taking place under what now appears to be trumped-up false accusations of Russian collusion (no pun intended). We now know the accusations were false because we’ve still seen exactly zero evidence of Russian collusion, and these days Donald Trump is actively opposing Putin at every turn. If I was in charge of the FBI, I would pretend we were in the early stages of an “ongoing investigation” as well. Meanwhile, we would continue to look for even a single shred of evidence in order to avoid the inevitable charges of criminal spying on a presidential candidate for political purposes. Plausible deniability. This is a big deal.

Suddenly, Barack Obama’s decision to take a month long vacation abroad doesn’t seem so innocent. Was Obama aware of the crimes which were committed in the final days of his presidency, and as such he decided to put some distance between himself and U.S. law enforcement? His so-called “scandal free” presidency is unraveling fast.

Donald Trump is officially vindicated with today’s announcement, and we still don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes. Americans from all walks of life should be deeply concerned with these revelations. To make matters worse for democrats and for the liberal media elite, it’s being reported that the New York Times sat on this story for at least two days – a feeble attempt to protect the former president.

Not a good look. Worse yet, just one week after CBS did a “bombshell” hit piece on Mike Cernovich, where his operation was mockingly described as “fake news,” Cernovich broke perhaps the biggest political story of the last twenty years. The mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves, and Obama and his appointees should be shaking in their boots.


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