Why Did Smart People Vote for Donald Trump?

It’s an important question for intellectually curious liberals to ask, but why did so many smart, rich, successful people vote for Donald Trump? The prevailing coastal liberal delusion is that only poor, stupid people voted for Donald Trump, and ironically against their own interests. However, as it turns out, this is a complete and utter fabrication created by sad, defeated leftists.

If you’re a liberal, and you enjoy having your head planted firmly in the sand, by all means continue pretending only racist, poorly educated, white southern riffraff voted for Donald Trump. However, the stats say otherwise. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton because of middle class, upper middle class and upper class people from all walks of life. Notably, these folks tend to be higher educated as well.

With that said, why did these smart, educated, wealthy people vote for Trump? And more importantly, why did they do it so quietly?

The easy liberal echo chamber answer is “they’re greedy” and “they’re racist,” but truth is stranger than fiction to those who live less than 50 miles from any coast. The truth is, these smart, wealthy, diverse, successful, educated people quietly voted for Donald Trump in droves not solely for their own self interests, but primarily because they think differently, and because they understand some basic facts of life that echo chamber liberals don’t. Let’s go into some more detail:

  1. They think differently.
    • These folks tend to think differently from your standard echo chamber liberal. For example, they are not easily persuaded by mainstream media, and by television and film in general. These folks tend to absorb information very strategically, and don’t accept statements as fact simply because the source is a well-known media institution. In fact, many of them are innately suspicious of large, powerful organizations. Instead, they objectively analyze all thoughts and statements on an independent basis, and routinely make value judgments on who is telling the truth and who is lying.
    • These folks don’t think Donald Trump colluded with Russia simply because a CNN commentator says, “Unnamed sources tell us Donald Trump’s associates may have colluded with Russia.” Instead they analyze the statement for what it is, and make their own judgement as to the validity and intention of the claim. They do this for conservative media as well, but they find conservative media is often run by folks who constantly engage in the same “smell test.” As such, they gravitate towards conservative media whenever available.
    • They don’t Google “did Trump oppose the Iraq war,” see the result is from Snopes or Politifact with a false claim and assume it’s true because: Google and Snopes and Politifact! Instead they objectively analyze Google, Snopes, Politifact, and all the evidence presented and make their own determinations. Simply put, they “think for themselves” and don’t let others tell them what or how to think.
  2. They find other conservatives, including Donald Trump, think “like them.”
    • Since these folks think differently, they’re always seeking out friendships with similar people, and media content which originates from others who think “like them.” As such, they gravitate to shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and Sean Hannity while avoiding CNN, MSNBC and the major networks outside of Fox. Why listen to someone who doesn’t think like you? It’s very frustrating – liberals can understand this by simply turning on Fox News or Infowars.
  3. They recognize patterns better than you do.
    • Since you’re a liberal, you won’t understand this, but these folks are better at pattern recognition (and logic) than you. Perhaps not surprisingly, pattern recognition is a form of higher intelligence which is extremely useful for earning higher income. Is it any surprise folks who are better at recognizing patterns do better in school and in work? They make more money than you, because they can find solutions to complex problems fairly quickly by using pattern recognition.
    • This same pattern recognition allows these folks to filter through nonsense in media while also focusing on the “bigger picture.” Those who take pattern recognition too far can delve into conspiracy, and perhaps that’s why Infowars is popular with Trump voters and with conservatives in general. However, generally speaking, it’s much better to be good at pattern recognition than poor at it.
    • In addition to their pattern recognition prowess, MBTI research shows conservatives are more logical and less emotional than liberals. As such they have better reasoning ability, and are less likely to let emotions cloud their judgment. Big surprise? I think not.
  4. They can control their emotions better than you.
    • What goes hand-in-hand with less emotional instability? Better decision making. Period. These folks know this, and they’re proud of it. Does this mean they lack empathy? Absolutely not, it just means they are better at recognizing when their empathy is clouding their ability to see the “bigger picture.” Simply put – they can control their emotions better than you. While liberals tend to see everyone on a scale of victim-hood, conservatives often see only “primary victims” and obstructions to justice.
    • This has all been proven by science – look it up. Conservative Trump supporters don’t label people as victims unnecessarily, because they don’t see everyone as a victim. They see everyone as equal participants in the world of life, and they cherish each individual’s ability to overcome adversity. Generally speaking, they see the state as the ultimate threat to liberty, and as such they constantly seek out ways to limit state power. This logic is derived from all of human history – governments kill people and destroy civilizations while the fruits of life are born at the individual level. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is all they need.
  5. Their logical minds are better at understanding complex subjects, like macro economics.
    • You don’t have to have a PhD in macroeconomics in order to understand it. In fact, one could argue a PhD in macroeconomic theory might actually serve as a deterrent to understanding the subject in today’s poorly constructed academic environment. Instead, these folks use their knowledge of business (they are often business owners), personal finance, and their logic in order to deduce macro economic outcomes.
    • For example, they understand that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment and hurts poor people. They also understand that the government, by definition, is highly inefficient and wasteful with taxpayer dollars – hurting the economy rich and poor alike. They also understand that government tax and regulation hurts business, which in turn hurts income, which in turn affects our health and happiness.
    • This is obvious to a smart, wealthy, successful Trump voter – but it’s like pandora’s box to a clueless emotional liberal. The big secret is, conservative Trump supporters want to help poor people also, they just actually know how to do it – unlike echo chamber liberals.
  6. They know today’s prevailing academia and the media are a joke.
    • No further explanation is needed.
  7. They are selfless people who care a great deal about their country, and they’re innately humble.
    • Many of these folks give to their communities without any expectation of reward. They are selfless, and dedicated to helping others in real ways that actually work. They are community leaders, religious leaders, business men and women, model employees and savvy investors. And most importantly, they are humble. You didn’t see Trump’s win coming, because his voters are proud, but polite. They aren’t in your face screaming about some insane perceived social injustice on a regular basis. They are quiet. They have families and friends that think like them. They are happy, unlike you. They weren’t looking to destroy the world by voting for
    • Donald Trump, they were looking to save it – from you. In their minds, you represent all that is wrong with society. You represent a threat to their freedom and to their family’s safety and prosperity, and you represent a threat to all other families alike – even to yourself. They see you as a socialist, a fascist, a communist, an emotionally and physically weak person, a future Nazi, or at the very least, someone who is dangerously incompetent. That said, they don’t hate you, they want to help you. And if they can’t help you, they just want you to leave them alone so they can be happy without you interfering in their excellent lives. This is why they’re so quiet.
  8. They know they’re different from you, and happier than you, and they’re sad you’re so clueless.
    • No explanation needed.

Hopefully you now have a better idea why smart, successful, happy, wealthy people secretly voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and you can begin to prepare yourself for his inevitable victory in 2020.

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