Good morning all, you may recall an effort from a few months back called the Stump Sheet which was placed on the sidebar. It sought to compile lists on a few subject matters of importance to people here. The thinking was that information has moved so fast over the past year and a half that it’s easy to lose sight of it, so it would be good to start keeping lists.


My chosen subject was fake hate crimes. Since we only had a few weeks to prepare for the Stump Sheet, my list was rather short. After it was posted, I continued researching and wanted to see how long I could make it.


You are all familiar with the concept of fake hate crimes, hate hoaxes, and fake rapes. False police reporting happens all the time. This is not an attempt to catalog every single incident of such reports. Instead, this list focuses on the type of false reports in which there are political elements that seek to perpetuate a false narrative that the media invariably, unquestioningly and breathlessly repeats time and again. They are the types of crimes that are met with the least amount of scrutiny as the media gleefully assumes the perpetrator class is automatically guilty. They are assumed to be true and are splashed across the front pages of newspapers, only to have the retraction buried in the back weeks or months later.


Fake hate crimes have seen a flare up of incidents in recent years, and especially surrounding the elction, but have really been going on for decades. I dove in head first down the rabbit hole to see just how many incidents I could find. I ended up going back to the late 1970s and was both amazed and appalled at just how often these hoaxes happen.


Many of these events were only considered local news. They never reached national prominence and thus never had a chance to enter the collective consciousness. When citing local news, you will often be accused of just using anecdotes. This is another reason why this research is so critical. It can be used to rescue these individual incidents from their local obscurity and elevate them to reveal an alarming multi-decade trend.


As anecdotes of such hoaxes have piled up over the years, many websites have tried to independently compile lists to document the trend. Their lists were the sources which I aggregated to make my list and I am very greatful to them. While most lists contain overlapping entries, each one contained at least one event the others did not. Despite each list being helpful, most were lacking in terms of sharability. They contained duplicate entries, were unsorted and referenced broken links.


So I set out to create the most comprehensive list of verified and highly suspected fake hate crimes, hate hoaxes and fake rapes in internet history. Given that the size of this list dwarfs all others, it is sorted, dated and cited with originals and archive links, it is my intent that it becomes the official online reference for this subject due to its thoroughness. It also has the benefit of being easily postable and emailable for sharing. If you’d like a version of it in a different format for a particular sharing need, PM me and I’ll give it a try.



Thoughts on this effort and notes for future researchers:


Going down this path was a rather interesting exercise over the past few months. Many of the sites that contained lists are obscure personal sites, some of which are no longer maintained. Yet they serve as interesting relics of internet history. The owners spent years maintaining them as a side hobby, only to eventually stop. You always know when you’ve spotted an older personal site because the web design looks very dated. Despite the dated looks, I commend these people for fighting these battles long before many pedes even noticed this stuff was going on. Some examples are:


Searching can be very particular. I’ve searched for 30 minutes on multiple search engines for an article and found nothing, only to slightly change the search terms and immediately get a good hit. If you are really digging for something you know is there but can’t get any hits, try every combo of relevant words you can think of on multiple search engines until you find it. The truth is out there.


The searching was necessary because so many lists use dead links from long gone local news stations. I can tell that all of the local news sites have undergone massive content management re-works over the past 20 or so years so almost every link from the mid 2000s and earlier no longer work. There is a huge amount of information that has gone down the memory hole. The internet is not as forever as everyone thinks. Hunting down old links was actually the most time consuming part of this process. I tried to rescue as much of it as I could and put it all in one place with archive links. A next step would be to write a script to save each one to PDF. If you’d like to help there, please PM me.


This was about three months worth of work spending 2-3 hours per night on weeknights and about 6 hours per weekend. As such, it’s easy to see why others have not gone this deep down the rabbit hole. This is especially understandable for for-profit news websites. There is no way they’d spend three months on a single article in today’s age of clickbait headlines. Not having a profit motive proved helpful in this case because there was no time limit.



Going forward:


I will add to this list as needed going forward on a casual basis, as these types of hoaxes are inevitably going to keep happening. Thankfully, the hard work of digging up links for the last three decades is done.


If you know of a hoax, PM it to me. But before doing so, please ensure you’ve checked the list around the date that it happened and are sure I’ve missed it.


Without further adieu, I present to you THE OFFICIAL FAKE HATE CRIMES LIST. Please see the preamble there and keep it sorted by old. I had to break it into comment chunks because it’s so long.


Hope everyone enjoys!

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