Get in here pede’s, u/sublimeinsime with one more dose of some HIGH ENERGY to cap off your Monday! We are almost there, but we can’t stop now. There are special elections in George and South Carolina that the shills are licking their chops trying to get. They are going all in, throwing Hollywood money (a new record for a congressional seat) at a low energy campaign for an a chump that doesn’t even live in the district xe wants to “represent” (we all know he is beholden to ballsack eyes). It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at a side of beef, it still gets chucked into a van. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO FOLKS, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE AND TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU!

Here was President Trump’s Events Today

10:30 AM: President Trump receives his daily intelligence briefing

11:30 AM: President Trump and the First Lady welcome President Juan Carlos Varela and Mrs. Varela of Panama

11:35 AM: President Trump meets with President Varela

11:50 AM: President Trump has a working luncheon with President Varela

1:30 PM: Press Gaggle with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

5:00 PM: President Trump participates in an American Technology Council roundtable

6:00 PM: President Trump participates in an American Technology Council reception

Have some daily spice:

Whoever did this deserves an award

Liberal double standards

My advice to all muslims after this terror attack

When Sweden is so screwed, you can’t help but laugh

Some tunes for the red eyed pedes who’s memes are more than dreams:

HVOB – Lion

Nu – This Land

Hraach – Delirio

Faithless: Insomnia

Moby ‘Extreme Ways’

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