u/sublimeinslime breaking in on this MAGA Monday to give you a place to comment on how FRICKEN’ MAGA it is today with things like the stock market reaching new heights, American companies being great again, and the beginning of cutting out some of the government waste through the innovation office. Anyone who has run a business knows that there is always waste to cut and to run lean, especially for the American taxpayer, is being a good steward of our trust and money. This is one of the greatest reasons I voted for President Trump in the primaries and in the general. Just look at your local DMV to see waste. I would link to a sub that is comedic in nature showing a guy who ordered pizza while being fed up with the wait at the DMV (but that would violate Rule VI).

Get in here and talk about the news, post spicy memes, recommended music and bask in the glory of winning!

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