Friday Midday MAGAthread – 09/15/2017 – The Fappening!

Good Afternoon Faithful. /u/DanWofSoc here to kick off your weekend with one final farewell to America’s demented grandma. As you know, Hillary released her “What Happened” book this week and the response from democrats and the main stream media can only be described as……………..

The Fappening!

Have you ever seen a bigger circle jerk than the one that is surrounding Hillary Clinton right now? I mean, what a bunch of pathetic losers. I have been able to vote in every presidential election since rapey Bill Clinton’s second run and I have never seen anything like this. Never before has a candidate lost, written a book within a year, and is then trotted around like a hero for losing. Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of the democrat philosophy. She is the poster child for the participation trophy complex. She didn’t lose because she was a failed candidate, she lost because she was a victim, they(MSM)want us to believe. Victim status and identity politics is what runs the Democrat party now and if you are a democrat, Hillary Clinton is your GOD.

The truth is she is a 2 time failed presidential candidate who shit her pants and was chucked into her van like a side of beef!!

All I can say is I thank god every single day that Donald John Trump is our President.

We here at /r/The_Donald are winners and winners do not like losers. Even winners sometimes lose but what makes a winner a winner is even when they lose, they get their asses right back up again and charge forward. We don’t dwell on the past or go crying to our safe space and we definitely don’t go around writing books about how we are losers.

Alternate Hillary Clinton Book Titles

Democrat Stages of Grief

We are fully into the depression stage of democrat grief. Those salty tears never tasted so good but don’t hold your breath for the next 7 1/2 years waiting for the democrats to enter the acceptance faze.

Friday Afternoon Music

Team Crusher Drops the Mic Bitches!!

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