LNC – Friday 09/15/2017 Two Things That Never Let You Down Edition

Good evening my fellow Americans and not-Americans that support America and it’s President, u/Keln78 here to keep the MAGA train rolling on through the night, subbing in for /u/blockthebuilder.

This edition of Late Night Crew is brought to you by Frank’s Lawn Care Service. If it’s good enough for the President of the United States, it’s good enough for you. So for all of your lawn care needs, better call Frank!

Top Stories

•The Triggering of the Day indisputably goes to Fox Sports’ and Outkick the Coverage’s own Clay Travis who, while on CNN discussing ESPN drama, mentioned that there are only two things that have never let him down: The 1st Amendment and Boobs. Or was it Booze? Nobody was entirely sure at the moment, but the CNN anchor immediately assumed the worst while the other pundit went headfirst into massive virtue signaling. And we all laughed. Good times.

•True to the “motives unknown” and “must have been an accident” narrative, the global media “blasted” Dr Cowboy President GEOTUS Trump for “callously assuming” an explosion in London was a terrorist attack. Mere minutes later, said fake news media was forced to admit it was indeed a terrorist attack. Haha, Trump: 5 kabillion to Media: 0.

But seriously, 0 for all of us until these governments get tougher on terror and control of who comes into their countries…as the God Emperor also pointed out. Losers.

Special Announcement

Do you like to MAGA?

Have you already sprayed /new with orange?

Is your finger tired from mashing that F5 button?

Are you looking for like-minded patriots to chat with, but live somewhere like The People’s Republic of Cuckifornia?

Well, have we got the thing for you!

The_Donald Official Discord Channel!!!

You will need:

-Your Reddit account, which must have at least one month of solid posting on The_Donald

-A Discord account, which can be made at https://discordapp.com/

-A keyboard/microphone

Rules for the Discord are exactly the same as those of The_Donald, which can be found on the sidebar to the right (or….somewhere else, if you’re on a mobile app).

Of course, having a live-chat opens the door for trolls and shills, so we must implement EXTREME VETTING in allowing users in. To be allowed access, your Discord account must be linked to your Reddit account which meets the 1mo posting criteria above.

Instructions for linking your accounts will be available in the chatroom splash page as soon as you accept the invite below. Upon entering the server, one of our many Discord moderators will review your linked Reddit account, and decide whether or not you can be let in LEGALLY

Without further rambling… The invite!

The_Donald Discord


Here’s the soundtrack for the night. Real men chew tobacco, drink moonshine, and play a banjo. Here’s a whole bunch of banjo, you can get your own t’baccer and ‘shine:

There is a time – The Dillards

Flint Hill Special – Sleepyman Banjo Boys – This kid is to banjo what Frank is to lawncare

Daddy Played the Banjo – Yes, that Steve Martin. He’s actually really good.

Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show

And for those who like to rock: Drunken Lullabies – Flogging Molly

And for those who like country and America and just kicking ass, here’s one from u/gekkozorz The Red White and Blue – Toby Kieth

As always, if I see anything interesting in the comments, I’ll add it up here. Enjoy your Friday night, but remember, no drunken trolling and posting. Radar enforcement coverage is provided by Team Crusher.

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