LNC – Saturday 09/16/2017 Keep That Train A’Rollin Edition

Good evening my fellow Americans and not-Americans that support America and it’s President, u/Keln78 here to keep the MAGA train rolling on through the night.

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Ever get worried about trying to drive that train through the messy, confusing Swamp that is Washington? No need to worry anymore, there is now a map of the Swamp to help you keep that whistle blowing and wheels rolling right through that wretched hive of scum and villainy!


When are people going to learn that if you’re stupid enough to stand on the tracks, you’re going to get run over by the Trump Train? We have no brakes and can’t (won’t) stop for you. But time and again, someone steps onto the tracks and then BAM! They get run over.

The latest contestant in “stand on the MAGA train tracks and see what happens” is Jennifer Lawrence. Nice F rating on that movie there Jen. Probably shouldn’t have interfered with unstoppable locomotion.

And even now, I am sure there are other celebrities eyeing those train tracks, thinking about stepping on them, finding it as hard to resist as a toddler with a penny eyeing an electrical socket. Don’t do it! You know what happens…


Fake News Media is still trying to switch around track signs in an effort to derail the Trump Train, and they got caught again. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump Administration was changing it’s mind on the Paris Climate Accord, but it is now being reported that this was entirely false.

The Train is still moving down the right track. Way to fail Very Fake News! CHOO CHOO LOSERS!


Bringing in the Georgia Mail – Reno and Smiley

Midnight Train to Memphis – The Steeldrivers

Train Songs – Ralph Stanley II

Railroad – Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn

Crazy Train – Iron Horse

As always, if I see anything interesting in the comments, I’ll add it up here. Enjoy your Saturday night, but remember, no drunken trolling and posting. Radar enforcement coverage is provided by Team Crusher.

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