No Profanity, No Alcohol, No Smoking: Judge Roy Moore Rallies Rural Alabama Bluegrass Music Festival

MCINTOSH, Alabama — Conservative Judge Roy Moore, the GOP frontrunner ahead of Tuesday’s U.S. Senate primary runoff here in Alabama, spent Saturday night rallying with conservative evangelical Christians here in Washington County at a bluegrass music festival. The judge wore a cowboy hat and boots, and rolled into the event with the local sheriff and all his deputies. Elroy Chestang, the man whose house the 15th annual bluegrass music festival was held at, told Breitbart News that he’s a strong supporter of Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate. “This is my home,” Chestang told Breitbart News. “This is the Chestangs’ 15th Annual Bluegrass Gospel Singing. We do it every year. We play bluegrass music, and bluegrass gospel music. Bluegrass gospel music in Washington County has been very prevalent. There was a family that played it here for over 60 years. My son learned how to play fiddle when he was six years old—bluegrass just grew in my family, in my home. In 2003, my oldest daughter was turning 18 and my baby girl—there’s almost 17 years difference in their age—she was turning 1. There was milestones in both their lives. My baby was turning 1, my oldest daughter was turning

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