Late Night Crew: ❤️💙 Ladies Night Edition!! GET IN HERE PEDES!! ❤️💙


Welcome to Ladies Night here at r/The_Donald!ヾ(❀◠‿◠)/

I am your hostess u/IvaginaryFriend and with me as always is my fellow goddess moddess u/Trumpshaker and we’re back to deliver some late night bantz to all you beautiful centipedes!

If You haven’t already, check out President Trump’s remarks on Tax Reforms from earlier today in Harrisburg, PA!

Sean Hannity also scored an exclusive interview with our President post tax reform speech! (extra link here – just in case ♥)

He’s such a hard working man, our President!

In some other fun new videos; last night “Can’t cuck the Tuck” Tucker Carlson said the DOJ Should Investigate ‘Hollywood’s Culture of Systematic Sexual Abuse’ and then exactly 24 hours later we got to see the exact moment Tucker finds out Trump’s Justice Department moves on Harvey Weinstein and orders FBI to open an investigation! (Article in question

Last but certainly not least, Project Veritas released yet another video today in which Failing NY Times Audience Strategy Editor Nicholas Dudich explains how he can (and has) manipulated news reach based on his own personal agenda. Dudich also reveals that thanks to inside-baseball connections in Silicon Valley, he can exploit social media to his advantage for the Failing NYT.

Some other spicy happenings of the day:

Without further ado, some late night jams for all you late night PATRIOTS!!!

Video Killed The Radio Star

You’re The One That I Want

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Young Americans

Walking On Sunshine


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