Friday Midday MAGAthread – 10/13/2017 – 3 for the price of 1

Good afternoon my fellow centipedes. /u/DanWofSoc here to usher you into another fantastic weekend.

Step right up folks! It’s 3 for the price of 1 Friday. Shit happened this week that couldn’t wait for a second Friday MAGAthread so we are going to squeeze it into 1. Jump in here and buckle your seat belts because the Trump Train is going full blast with a ghost pepper spice.

Our Judgement Cometh and Right Soon

The swamp runs deep my friends. It took a man like Donald J Trump to open our eyes to the utter uselessness of the politicians in Washington. I am now under the belief that the establishment Republicans have no intention of passing any of GEOTUS’s agenda. They are simply putting on a show for all of us, hoping we are dumb enough to believe their bullshit. They are going to try to delay..delay..delay any significant legislation until the next presidential election all while pretending they stand behind Trump. It’s not going unnoticed.

If you haven’t seen Steve Bannon’s interview on Hannity, please give it a watch. Every establishment Republican is now on notice. We are coming for you at the ballot box. If they think they can fool us, they are making a very big mistake. GEOTUS has awakened something in us that cannot be put back in the box. You either get on the Trump Train, or you will get run the fuck over. MAGA!!

Liberal Hypocrisy

Liberals.—–> No one believes you anymore. You can’t put on a pink pussy hat and call Donald Trump a misogynist and at the same time ignore the misogyny that is occurring under your own noses. For 20 years, Ashley Judd has known that Harvey Weinstein was a a dirty, misogynist, sleazeball, and she said NOTHING!. CRICKETS! If she was such a champion of women’s rights, she should have been the one to take the story to The New York Times in the first place. It is only now, when the truth is out, she opens her mouth about the harassment she received from Weinstein.

The truth is liberals only care about misogyny when it serves their political interest. Not a word when rapey Bill Clinton was sticking cigars in interns and not a single fucking word when Weinstein was sexually harassing young women for movie rolls. As long as the money rolls into the Democratic party, you can break every rule in the moral handbook while accusing opponents of the exact same fucking thing you are guilty of. That is the TRUTH!! Write it down, frame it, and put it on the wall. Liberals are the biggest fucking hypocrites on the planet and no one is falling for it anymore.

Register to Vote!!!

Below are the states that have voting coming up in which you can still register to vote. Click on your state below and share with your friends. In some states, you only have a few days left. Get to work centipedes! The Trump Train never slows down.

  • COLORADO Registration Deadline: Election Day

  • IDAHO Registration Deadline: Election Day

  • KANSAS Registration Deadline: 10/17/17

  • MAINE Registration Deadline: Election Day

  • MASSACHUSETTS Registration Deadline: 10/17/17

  • MINNESOTA Registration Deadline: Election Day

  • NEW HAMPSHIRE Registration Deadline: 10/29/17

  • NEW JERSEY Registration Deadline: 10/17/17

  • UTAH Registration Deadline: 10/31/17

  • VIRGINIA Registration Deadline: 10/16/17

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