Sorry folks, complicated business. Our sticky machine is having issues!

So, we have an admission to make. Know those insta-stickies the mods do?

…well… The engineers here at The_Donald have poured millions of man-hours into developing an artificial intelligence, affectionately nicknamed HAL-opeño, that scans posts and identifies only the spiciest to be stickied.

We were originally given a large budget for the development of HAL, but in the interest of being under budget and ahead of schedule…..well, basically he’s held together with duct tape and baling wire. As you can imagine, occasionally this causes issues.

HAL’S broken. It’s looking like he’ll be down all day, but is expected to be back online by Wednesday. We’d sticky things ourselves, but given that Russian is our native language, Reddit can be awfully difficult to navigate.

In the meantime, be sure to check out /new and /rising and paint all the best posts in that brilliant shade of Smilin-Don GoldTM ! And while you’re at it, check out The_Congress!

All 435 House seats and 33 Senate seats are up for election. r/The_Congress will help us organize our energy where it is needed the most to elect MAGA candidates. r/The_Donald is a DOM dedicated to the GEOTUS, important information posted here gets drowned out most of the time and news about Trump may result in forum sliding as well. Over there, you can click on your states flair and all stories/memes/information for that state will be sorted for you.

Here is an example of clicking on a flair for TX.

We memed and shitposted a God Emperor & Silver Fox into the highest offices in the world and it’s time to do the same to elect a MAGA-loving Congress that will pass Trump’s America-First agenda.

Subscribe now, man your battlestations and put your full autist powers to work to highlight MAGA candidates and uncover the corruption of the America-hating left and RINOs. Our country and our POTUS need you!

PROTIP: You can use this to have both TD and TC on one page:

Check back here from time, in the case of big happenings, such as the Jeff Sessions House Judiciary Committee Hearing starting at 10AM EST

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