Supporting Conservative Voices & Subverting Youtube Demonetization

As many of you are aware, many conservative YouTubers and conservative channels have been getting demonetized silenced, and censored by YouTube. Google, which owns YouTube, also recently fired engineer James Damore for his political views. By demonetizing conservative channels, conservative voices are effectively silenced and censored since they can’t support themselves and create content. One response to this kind of censorship by YouTube is by supporting conservative channels through alternative means, like Patreon. However, Patreon too has taken to censoring conservative voices. Recently, they banned Lauren Southern from their platform.

Patreon is no longer safe. Here is the alternative, and what you can do as a centipede.

  • 1) Download the Brave browser, that’s it. Created by Brendan Eich who was the inventor of Javascript and Firefox) and previously CEO of Firefox and victim of slander from the liberal media, (also trump supporter)

    • 2) Next month Brave browser will be giving away free crypto currency to users who have Brave. They are doing this do support the Brave platform and network. This crypto currency integrated in the browser is named BAT (basic attention token) and can be used to support our favorite youtuber’s and twitch streamers who have been censored and affected by the liberal tech companies.


NOTE: Youtuber’s will start receiving payments no matter what, even before the content creator verifies their channel as it will build up in an account/wallet that will be ready for him/her to claim once verified

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