Child Sex Abuse Victim Calls Out Doug Jones for ‘Hypocrisy’ — Jones Had Said Victim’s Claims Were ‘Without Merit,’ ‘Cynical Attempt to Extort Money’

According to a report from’s Amy Yurkanin, a woman who sued the University of Alabama-Birmingham in 2001 over sexual abuse she claimed to have suffered as a 15-year-old ripped Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Doug Jones for “hypocrisy” for his role as a defense attorney for the university. Brittany Benefield, the plaintiff in what at the time was a high-profile suit, had been a student at UAB. She was recruited by the university as a child prodigy, which Bruce Feldman laid out in an article in the May 2002 issue of ESPN The Magazine. The most important recruit in UAB history was a freckle-faced, carrot-topped 14-year-old named Brittany, who finished high school in under a year. UAB pursued the 5’1″, 120-pound bookworm like it would a quarterback who could rope the deep out. Brittany, who looks like a cross between Little Orphan Annie and Molly Ringwald, grew up an hour down Route 280 in tiny Childersburg (pop. 4900). Feldman’s article detailed how things went wrong for Benefield as a young student at the UAB.  The university moved her at age 15 into a co-ed dorm that housed football players, and according to the story, she was described to have become a “play thing” by some of

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