Friday Midday MAGAthread – 11/24/2017 – Shop Till Ya Drop and Open Face Net Neutrality Sandwiches!

Good afternoon MAGApedes. /u/DanWofSoc here to usher you overstuffed turkeys into another fantastic weekend. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving day with family and friends. I know I did and I am ever so grateful that Donald J Trump is our President.

Shop Till Ya Drop

Today is Black Friday folks. Just a reminder that this is the day when retailers will typically start to turn a profit and no longer operate in the “red”. For the layman, it is accounting terminology. Our retailers count on you to keep this economy roaring. When you purchase good and services, you are participating in capitalism and you are Keeping America Great.

Shop Local

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Fuck Amazon. Every dollar you spend on Amazon is a dollar you are taking away from a local retailer. That local retailer has a family, house, and a mortgage. You need to get in your car and go buy gifts this year and stop giving your money away to Jeff Bezos. Local retailers are the cornerstone to a healthy economy. They provide jobs and help facilitate commerce which is YUUUUUGE for a capitalistic society.

Merry Christmas

Our God Emperor said it himself. “We are going to start saying Merry Christmas again”. This country became great because of Christian values. For too long, we have watched democrats kick the Christ out of Christmas and it’s time to bring it back. Love your family and be kind to your neighbors. Merry Christmas everyone!

Net Neutrality

Sorry folks. Net Neutrality has to go. It was a last minute power grab by the Obama administration to put the internet under government control. You must allow the free market to decide how, when, and at what price you receive your information. Here are some of my favorite posts over the last couple of days.

Friday Christmas Music

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