**WHOSE MEME WEDNESDAY** “Fzok Strzok” Midday MAGAthread Edition

/u/DrWeeGee here with your weekly “Whose Meme?” Wednesday improv thread!

Whose Meme is based off of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’, a reply based game where one person puts up a scenario or prompt, to which the community gives their best joke response.
Anyone can post their own prompts or prompt replies. Prompts and replies are encouraged to pertain to recent events to maximize current-event-shitposting, but are not necessary.

One pre-selected prompt is the Top Kek Meme (TKM). The response with the most upvotes to the TKM will win a special flair

This week’s TKM winner will be announced around 5:30pm EST


This week’s music selection:
Solarstone – Pure Trance Radio 115
Armin Van Buuren – A State of Trance 842
Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 251

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