Friday Midday MAGAthread! – 01/12/2018 – Third World Countries ARE Shitholes. The Fake News Media Lends Another Gift.

Afternoon folks!. /u/DanWofSoc here for another high energy midday MAGAthread. Hopefully you have all thawed out from this massive global warming problem we seem to have so let’s jump right in shall we?

The FakeNews Media: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The media has given us another gift. The glorious thing about all of you master shitposters is we get to take these gifts and turn them into yummy red pills. Imagine my shock to find out that our stable genius in chief did not actually call Haiti a “shithole”. Just like the gorilla channel, the tiny minds of the left come up with these absurd claims and then the media runs with it for an entire news cycle. They actually believe any human being, let alone GEOTUS, would spend 14 hours watching a gorilla channel. Just like they believe our stable genius, who has been in the board rooms of New York City corporations, would be throwing around “S” bombs left and right. The absurdity of the left, once again, is on full display. The fun part is that we get to shine the spotlight on the assholes that they are.

Third World Countries ARE Shitholes

What the fuck is wrong with saying this? We are importing residents from shitholes into this country and dumping them off on you, the tax payer. The United States is over 20 Trillion dollars in debt and we are supposed to continue to care for the world’s population? This is banana republic thinking, just like every other liberal idea. The median income for all LEGAL(includes Mexico) immigrants in the US is about $34,000 per year. After you take out the standard tax deduction, health insurance subsidies, medicaid costs for their children, and other financial aid, we might break even as a country. There is no doubt that shithole immigrants would be a net drain on the US tax payer. PERIOD! Every day I thank god that we have our Stable Genius, Donald J Trump, in the white house fighting for us. MAGA!

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