Ben Swann Is Alive and Well

For those of you who have been following the curious case of Ben Swann, he’s been located – and he appears to be alive and well. Ben Swann is famous for reporting on the Pizzagate story while serving as a news anchor for CBS 46 in Atlanta. However, his social media accounts were taken down in one fell swoop last week, leaving many to speculate about his death or “silencing.”

A quick check of CBS 46’s website reveals Ben is still reporting for the station as recently as yesterday. We’ve attached two screen grabs – one of him reporting on a tragic incident on February 6th in Atlanta, and another of him reporting on another story with a date stamp in the browser app.

The good news is, Ben is fine. The bad news is, it appears CBS 46 may have forced him to remove his social media accounts. Considering Ben is a great reporter who was doing an excellent job of reporting on issues which no one else would touch – that would be a disgrace. If this isn’t the case, it’s possible something else is afoot, but only time will tell.