20 Reasons Why I Left The Left

1. When I was a teenager an illegal immigrant held a large knife to my throat when I demanded a refund for a $20 parking fee he lied to obtain. The police showed up and started questioning me instead.

2. Shortly after that two uninsured illegals t-boned my car with their truck – totaling it – again the police did nothing despite my requests.

3. Two more uninsured illegal immigrants in a truck swiped my next car and totaled it – again the police did nothing.

4. A drunk illegal immigrant drove his truck into the side of my apartment building nearly killing a young couple and their baby who lived next to me – he was not deported.

5. I was called to jury duty where two illegal immigrants were on trial for kidnapping a child.

6. An illegal immigrant was killed by police after attempting to carjack an off duty police officer in front of my residence. He died on my car and our building was put on lockdown for some time.

7. A homeless man chased me and my girlfriend after I gave him money.

8. A homeless woman swatted fresh food away (spilling it into my car) after I offered. She said, “I don’t want food you fucking idiot I want money for alcohol.”

9. I was robbed in broad daylight in my home while sleeping with my girlfriend. Everything including my computer with all my schoolwork was stolen. Criminal was a black man who had done repairs in our home – the trauma led to a breakup with my girlfriend. I now understand the black community has problems which are ignored by society on the whole.

10. I went to business school.

11. I learned about capitalism and free markets.

12. I read Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics.

13. I read about Marx and Keynes and Friedman and Hayek.

14. I got a job and paid my own bills.

15. I started paying taxes.

16. I started a company with my savings and created jobs.

17. I started a family.

18. I read the Constitution.

19. Everything I’ve read and seen over the last ten years including that the Nazis were socialists who hated capitalism and supported Islam. Antifa and ISIS are modern Nazis.

20. Watching liberals lose their minds after Trump won and remembering how fucking stupid I was when I was a liberal.

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