It’s Official: No Collusion Between Trump and Russia

We’ve waited for some time to write this article. We did this, because we didn’t want to presume there was no collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians – despite the insanity of the claim.

That said, the obvious can no longer be ignored. There is exactly zero evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians, and there never will be. We repeat: no collusion. Donald Trump did not “collude” with the Russians – this narrative is and was completely made up by an insidious and sore bunch of Democrat losers. Hillary lost folks. As such, Donald Trump won. It’s time for us to move on and accept reality.

Anyone who refuses to accept the obvious outcome of this “investigation” needs to get their head checked. An inability to determine there was no collusion at this point is indistinguishable from mental illness. Let’s quickly review the facts which have led us to this conclusion.

Donald Trump won the election in a landslide, and not by a small margin.

He won every state which the pundits were sure he would lose. Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes, and Hillary won 232. That’s a difference of 74 electoral votes, or a 32% larger tally for Donald Trump. Additionally, he did this while the electoral map heavily favored Democrats. No one without a mental illness debates that. As for the popular vote, it doesn’t matter. Both campaigns were run to obtain electoral votes, not the popular vote.

If Donald Trump had run his campaign to win the popular vote, he probably would have won that also – and the facts bare that out. Polls since the election show Trump would have won the popular vote in a landslide with hindsight of 20/20. He was trending up, and Hillary was trending down. Also, there is evidence that some votes for Hillary were obtained illegally. These are the facts. Hillary was a disastrous candidate for a disastrous party, and the American public saw right through their lies. There was no collusion.

All intelligence agencies agree – Russia did not interfere with the election results.

No votes were changed. No voting booths were hacked. Nothing on election day was compromised. Russians did not tamper with votes in Wisconsin. They did not hack Michigan. Russians did not hack Pennsylvania’s voting booths, and no Russians were found in Florida. These are the facts. It’s been proven time and time again. The election was not hacked. Period. No collusion.

Hillary’s campaign discussed strategically connecting Donald Trump to the Russians even prior to the election – with zero evidence.

This is well documented and available in the 100% validated Wikileaks release. This has been massively overlooked by the corrupt media ever since. We have zero evidence Trump colluded with Russia, but we have a smoking gun that Hillary and the Democrats colluded to create the narrative. No collusion.

The “dossier” was completely and utterly fake.

That fact that this ridiculous document was used in any form of serious discussion is an embarrassment to the American public, and an embarrassment to an otherwise stellar intelligence community. There was no collusion.

Every Democrat since the election, when pressed to provide evidence of collusion, has directly admitted there is exactly zero evidence.

As recently as May 4, Wolf Blitzer pressed Diane Feinstein on this topic, and she again confirmed no such evidence exists in any form. Blitzer seemed stunned by the revelation, although no one can figure out why, because everyone has been saying the same exact thing for months (watch below). There was no collusion:


Donald Trump attacked a Syrian airbase in direct opposition to Russia’s interests, nearly starting a war with Russia.

I don’t know how else to say this. Donald Trump, the guy Democrats claim colluded with Russia, nearly started a war with Russia. You literally cannot make this stuff up. There was no collusion.

Democrats laugh while discussing the topic on TV because they know there was no collusion.

It’s like an inside joke – and the stupidity of the American public is the punchline. They know there is zero evidence. The Democrats know he didn’t collude with Russia. It’s a narrative they created to distract people from their disastrous 2016 campaign. They know this, so they can’t keep a straight face – especially when confronted with overwhelming evidence that contradicts the narrative. Watch their faces – they often smile when pressed because they know it’s all a big lie, and a big joke. There was no collusion.

Donald Trump fired James Comey.

The new cool thing to do is to say Trump fired Comey to cover up the collusion. Every Democrat called for Comey’s ouster just a few short months ago because they had “lost all faith in him.” The reality is, Trump wanted Comey gone from day one. I know this, because Trump supporters wanted Comey gone as well. This isn’t a big surprise to Trump supporters. Not even a little bit.

The only people surprised by this are the same people who still think Trump colluded with Russia. Plus, if Trump colluded with Russia, firing Comey would be the best way to get himself into even more trouble. The reason why he did it is simple: he didn’t collude with Russia, and Comey deserved to be fired. Moreover, perhaps a new FBI director will finally reopen the case against Hillary Clinton, and charge her for her very serious, and very real criminal acts. There was no collusion.

It makes no sense.

Why would Donald Trump, a successful American businessman who ran for President of the United States, collude with Russia to win the election? If people just stopped to ask themselves this simple question we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. The simple answer to anyone with a brain is, he wouldn’t. It makes absolutely zero sense. While not treason or even illegal, it’s still politically a bad decision, both before and after the election.

As for the benefit, there is none. Why, in the midst of a busy campaign, would Trump spend one second thinking about how Russians could help him? He had pollsters, campaigners, rally organizers, Secret Service detail, his family, events, media and the American public to think about instead. Instead of chatting with Russia, Trump was campaigning in Wisconsin and Michigan. Guess what, that’s exactly what he should have been doing. Trump wasn’t colluding with the Russians – you know how I know? Because he was on the campaign trail every single day – unlike Hillary Clinton – which is why he won the election in a landslide. There was no collusion.

Still zero evidence despite investigations.

Lastly, despite a long FBI investigation into the matter, and a bevy of other Obama-born intelligence agencies working on the issue, no one has provided a single shred of evidence. Not one shred. The reason why? There is none. There was no collusion with Trump and Russia, and even if there was (zero chance), it’s not even illegal.

This “story” is officially over. There was no collusion whatsoever and it doesn’t matter anyway. Full stop.

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  1. You forgot to point out that in Trump’s letter where he officially fired Comey, Trump stated that Comey had told Trump, on three separate occasions, that Trump was not under investigation.

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