The_Donald Reddit Community Removed in Protest

The_Donald Reddit community, a pro-Trump subreddit with 400,000 members, has been removed from Reddit by moderators of the board.

The moderators are fed up with Reddit administrators encouraging abuse of their subreddit members. Reddit’s administrators edited posts by members of the popular subreddit, and encouraged down-voting of posts made by its members. The_Donald Reddit users were regularly banned from participating in other communities simply because of their support for Donald Trump.

The Battle with Reddit

Reddit’s creators changed the entire algorithm for Reddit to remove The_Donald content from r/All – the main landing page for Reddit users. Additionally, moderators claim Reddit admins encourage doxxing of The_Donald’s members. Doxxing is a practice where people will attempt to harass or intimidate other users by posting real life information and by stalking them.

Members of The_Donald Reddit community caught on that Reddit was advertising their group as much larger than the local counter was showing. If the counter is wrong, it’s being suppressed. If the counter is correct, Reddit was falsely advertising the size of the community for profit. Reddit admins claimed this was simply an error and moved along. Either way, it doesn’t look good for Reddit.

Good Community

I spent time viewing the community for months, and I can assure you this isn’t a community for racists or hateful people, despite the claims. The_Donald’s membership consists of patriotic, Trump-supporting, Constitution loving Americans from all walks of life. People of different races and background are praised and encouraged on a regular basis. Women are respected and admired, unless their name is Hillary Clinton, of course. The_Donald Reddit community provides a source of news which is unparalleled on the internet for it’s insight, and it’s uniqueness.

Folks, this is a sad day for freedom of speech, and for American conservatives and libertarians. Reddit has always been about encouraging different communities to bond and grow through internet communication. However, today, like Facebook and Twitter, Reddit has become a cesspool of liberalism and hate – an Orwellian bastion of McCarthyism of the highest order.

A Call to Action

If you frequented The_Donald Reddit posts, please don’t give up the fight. By not communicating, you’re letting them win. Find a new platform, or reopen your subreddit. Regardless, we encourage all members of The_Donald Reddit community to use our submission tool for any content you would like to share. We’ve been displaying The_Donald RSS posts for some time, and wish to continue doing so.

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